Norah Jones entered the public consciousness with a memorable “Don’t Know Why” song that captured the attention of music lovers. The album he track yielded from was called Come Away With Me, which entered the charts upon release in 2002. Over a year’s time, the album had won two Grammy Awards, one for Album Of The Year, and one for Best Pop Vocal Album. By 2005, the album was awarded Diamond status with sales of ten million units. And by 2016, there were 27 million copies sold. That’s extraordinary for any album these days. Over the years, Norah Jones released five more albums (Feels Like Home – 2004, Not Too Late – 2007, The Fall – 2009, Little Broken Hearts – 2012, and Day Breaks – 2016).

On October 27. Blue Note Records will expand the last album, Day Breaks, with a 2CD Deluxe Edition. As well, Blue Note will press a 2LP, 180g-weight gatefold vinyl edition for release on the same date. DD versions will be made available, too. The 2LP edition is a limited edition housed in a silver foil cover.

The first CD of Day Breaks will feature the original album, while the second CD will provide nine live tracks recorded in NYC during Day Breaks release show Loreto Theater at Sheen Center.

Day Breaks – Norah Jones

CD1 (Original Album):

01. Burn
02. Tragedy
03. Flipside
04. It’s A Wonderful Time For Love
05. And Then There Was You
06. Don’t Be Denied
07. Day Breaks
08. Peace
09. Once I Had A Laugh
10. Sleeping Wild
11. Carry On
12. Fleurette Africaine (African Flower)

CD2 (Live at the Loreto Theater at the Sheen Center for Thought & Culture in New York City, October 10th and 11th, 2016):

01. Peace
02. I’ve Got To See You Again
03. Out On The Road
04. Sunrise
05. Burn
06. It’s A Wonderful Time For Love
07. Flipside
08. Don’t Know Why
09. Fleurette Africaine (African Flower)

By MARowe