Focus arrived back in 1969 from Amsterdam. With Thijs Van Leer, and Jan Akkerman, as primary members, Focus brought a strong Classical/Jazz/Rock fusion to play on their 11 studio sets. It was their second album – Focus II (Europe), and Moving Waves (US) that brought them deserved recognition. The release of their truncated “Hocus Pocus” single shot up the charts in the often brave US/UK singles Pop charts of the ’70s. For four albums, Focus held audiences in thrall. But as the ’80s neared, and as happened to so many bands of the ’70s, the focus (no pun intended) on expansive and explorative Rock and Roll began to take a hit. While it did not end the career of Focus, it took them out of the bright lights of the times. Their last album was Focus 11, released in 2019.

On July 5, Focus returns (with Thijs Van Leer, and longtime drummer Pierre van der Linden as mainstays) to release their newest album, Focus 12. The new album will feature 10 brand new Focus tracks. The new album’s cover maintains the band long-running Roger Dean artwork obsession/association with a brilliant bit of art.

Focus 12 will be released on CD, DD, and vinyl LP in gatefold jacket (can be ordered here). A CD/LP bundle is offered at the link as well as signed editions. Listen to first single, “Fjord Focus” below.

Focus 12 Focus
01 Fjord Focus
02 Focus 13
03 Béla
04 Meta Indefinita
05 All Aboard
06 Born To Be You
07 Nura
08 Bowie
09 Positano
10 Gaia

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