For ten amazing Uriah Heep releases, David Byron was the inimitable voice of the band. His persona and display was pure Rock star, and he gave to Uriah Heep a moment – a strong moment – of recognition that most fans will never forget or even be able to excise from their minds. And while it’s impossible to ignore or discount the contributive efforts of others in the band (Hensley, Box, Thain, Kerslake – all from the most identifiable and essential era of the band), it was David Byron that provided the upfront recognition and delivery of the Uriah Heep songs. After his forced departure in 1976 due to alcohol and differences within the band, David Byron resumed his own career following the release of his first solo album – Take No Prisoners, which issued in 1975. By 1981, David Byron had begun The Byron Band with Robin George (RIP), and released an album called On The Rocks. David Byron died in 1985.

On June 28, HNE Recordings (Cherry Red UK) will revisit On The Rocks with a 3CD Box that will bring together the original album, a large collection of bonus tracks that include demos, rehearsal tracks, and non-album tracks and B-sides. The booklet will be comprehensive with plenty of notes, an essay, photos, and credits.

On The Rocks…AgainThe Byron Band

CD1 (On The Rocks/Bonus Tracks
01 Rebecca
02 Bad Girl
03 How Do You Sleep?
04 Little By Little
05 Start Believing
06 Never Say Die
07 King
08 Piece Of My Love
Bonus Tracks
09 Fool For A Pretty Face
10 Safety In Numbers
11 One Minute More
12 Every Inch Of The Way (Short Version – Non-Album Single)
13 Routine (B-side of “Every Inch Of The Way”)
14 Tired Eyes (B-side of “Rebecca”)
15 Every Inch Of The Way (Long Version)

CD2 (Writing Demos)
London 1982
01 Learn The Dance
02 I Need Love
03 Fool For A Pretty Face
04 Safety In Numbers
05 Bad Girl
06 One Minute More
David Byron’s House – Sonning 1982
07 She Was Good
08 Fool For A Pretty Face
09 My Kind Of Lady
10 One Minute More
11 She Got Pride
12 Untitled
13 Learn The Dance

CD3 (Rehearsals/Live Rehearsals/Studio Track)
01 How Do You Sleep?
02 Safety In Numbers
03 I Need Love
04 Piece Of My Love
05 Goodnight Blues
06 Last Chance Jam
Live in Liverpool – 1980
07 Bad Girl
08 Start Believing
09 July Morning
10 How Do You Sleep?
11 Sweet Lorraine
12 Piece Of My Love
13 Liverpool Blues
14 Roll Over Beethoven
Bonus Studio Track
15 Angelsong

By MARowe