The Doobie Brothers, long a mainstay of Rock since the ’70s began, gave the world a string of incredible singles that not only played Rock/Pop, but also delved into soul with the add of Michael McDonald during the largely Tom Johnston-less period that encompassed 4 albums and 7 strong singles. Tom Johnston returned and Michael McDonald went on to produce a successful solo career. Two of the band’s compilation packages include The Best Of The Doobies, Vol 1, and The Best Of The Doobies, Vol 2. Between the two, they collected 21 of the hits that The Doobie Brothers put forth during the most successful period. (Sadly, neither volume included the extraordinary “Another Park, Another Sunday” single from the immensely popular two-times Platinum set of What Were Once Vices Are Now Habits, a 1974 album that also generated “Black Water”.)

On June 14, Rhino Records will release both volumes into a single set to be simply called The Best Of The Doobie Brothers, V1 & V2. At press, there was no idea as to the tracks having been remastered, or extra tracks were added. Nor is there a useable cover shot as of yet. When these things become available, I will update this page. I have no reason to believe that the track list will extend beyond what are already on the two sets.

The Doobie Brothers are currently on a large scale 47-date world trek that brings Michael McDonald into the fold for the tour, and will cover all their massive hits, most contained on these two volumes.


The Best Of The Doobie Brothers V1 & V2 will be offered on CD, DD, and Vinyl 2LP.

The Best Of The Doobie Brothers V1 & V2The Doobie Brothers
01 China Grove
02 Long Train Runnin’
03 Takin’ It To The Streets
04 Listen To The Music
05 Black Water
06 Rockin’ Down The Highway
07 Jesus Is Just Alright
08 It Keeps You Runnin’
09 South City Midnight Lady
10 Take Me In Your Arms
11 Without You
12 Little Darlin’ (I Need You)
13 Echoes Of Love
14 You Belong To Me
15 One Step Closer
16 What A Fool Believes
17 Dependin’ On You
18 Here To Love You
19 One By One
20 Real Love
21 Minute By Minute

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  1. While they are both classic compilations, this pairing reminds me of the recent Eagles combo pack. Neither of those were remastered, so I expect these will be straight reissues, as well.

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