George Benson joined the Jazz Fusion trend in the ’70s with his Warner Bros years with Breezin’ hitting its stride at sales of around 3 million copies. Although critics somewhat bemoaned the reality that he was transitioning his guitar sound to a more smooth jazz style, the audiences loved it. George Benson remained with Warner for twelve albums. His sales for the label were strong. With bands like Weather Report, Return To Forever, and Mahavishnu Orchestra producing excellent Jazz Fusion, it was a great move by Benson to become another ultimate expression of the style for the times.

On June 14, Rhino Entertainment will release a 1989 recording of a collaboration with Robert Farndon. The album was delayed for release, left on the shelf, and subsequently lost. George Benson found the recording and reacquainted with it. He assisted with a new remastering of the album as well as adding some overdubs and some extra arrangements to bring the album up to a new height of style. It is called Dreams Do Come True: When George Benson Meets Robert Farndon. It will contain eleven tracks. “Love Is Blue”, a song from the new album, can be streamed.

Dreams Do Come True will be released on CD, DD, and industry Black vinyl LP.

Dreams Do Come True: When George Benson Meets Robert FarndonGeorge Benson
01 At Last
02 A Song For You
03 Pretend You’re Happy
04 A Long Time Ago
05 Love Is Blue
06 My Romance
07 Autumn Leaves
08 Can’t We Be Friends
09 My Prayer
10 Yesterday
11 One Goodbye

By MARowe