Joni Mitchell, one of Rock’s early songstresses that have expanded careers well into the later decades, has a string of successful and well-loved albums to her catalog. Over the years, Joni Mitchell has recorded for Reprise Records, Asylum Records, Geffen Records, and a few others. While all of her albums are well-received, it is the Asylum years that resonate the best among fans. Those years incorporate 6 popular albums that include For The Roses (1972), Court & Spark (1974), The Hissing Of Summer Lawns (1975), Hejira (1976), Don Juan’s Reckless Daughter (1977), and Mingus (1978). Most of those albums are Gold and Platinum sellers. She released Volume Three of collected Asylum albums back in late 2023.

On June 21, Rhino Records will continue with the collection of Joni Mitchell classics with Volume Four of The Asylum Years. This set will feature the final three albums of the Asylum catalog and pack in Shadows And Light, the live set from 1980. All of the albums on this set feature brand new remastering. The Box album cover features a beautiful Joni Mitchell painting from her private collection.

The Asylum Years – 1976-1980 will be released on 5CD Box, 6LP Black 180g-weight vinyl Box, and DD. A booklet will accompany the boxes.

The Asylum Years, Volume 4 1976-1980Joni Mitchell

CD1 (Hejira)
01 Coyote
02 Amelia
03 Furry Sings The Blues
04 A Strange Boy
05 Hejira
06 Song For Sharon
07 Black Crow
08 Blue Motel Room
09 Refuge Of The Road

CD2 (Don Juan’s Reckless Daughter)
01 Overture – Cotton Avenue
02 Talk To Me
03 Jericho
04 Paprika Plains
05 Otis And Marlena
06 The Tenth World
07 Dreamland
08 Don Juan’s Reckless Daughter
09 Off Night Backstreet
10 The Silky Veils Of Ardor

CD3 (Mingus)
01 Happy Birthday 1975 (Rap)
02 God Must Be A Boogie Man
03 Funeral (Rap)
04 A Chair In The Sky
05 The Wolf That Lives In Lindsey
06 I’s A Muggin (Rap)
07 Sweet Sucker Dance
08 Coin In The Pocket (Rap)
09 The Dry Cleaner From Des Moines
10 Lucky (Rap)
11 Goodbye Pork Pie Hat

CD4 (Shadows And Light)
01 Introduction
02 In France They Kiss On Main Street
03 Edith And The Kingpin
04 Coyote
05 Goodbye Pork Pie Hat
06 The Dry Cleaner From Des Moines
07 Amelia
08 Pat’s Solo
09 Hejira

CD5 (Shadows And Light)
01 Black Crow
02 Don’s Solo
03 Dreamland
04 Free Man In Paris
05 Band Introduction
06 Furry Sings The Blues
07 Why Do Fools Fall In Love
08 Shadows And Light
09 God Must Be A Boogie Man
10 Woodstock

By MARowe