Daryl Hall, one-half of the popular duo known once as Hall & Oates, has released five previous solo album including the awesome Sacred Songs from 1980, and its equally magnificent follow-up, Three Hearts In The Happy Ending Machine in 1986. His appearance on Robert Fripp‘s 1979 Exposure album showcased a fascinating blend of talent on the co-written “You Burn Me Up, I’m A Cigarette”. Overall, Daryl Hall has released five solo sets, his last in 2011,

On June 21, Daryl Hall will release his 6th album with the help of producer Dave Stewart of Eurythmics fame. The new album is called D and will present 9 new songs, seven of which were composed with Dave Stewart. A song from the album – “Can’t Say No To You” – is currently in release from the album and can be heard below.

D will be issued by Virgin Records and will be released on CD, DD, and LP.

DDaryl Hall
01 The Whole World’s Better
02 Too Much Information
03 Can’t Say No to You
04 Rather Be a Fool
05 Rainbow Over the Graveyard
06 Not the Way I Thought It Was
07 Walking in Between Raindrops
08 Why You Want to Do That (To My Head)
09 Break It Down to the Real Thing

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