Dorian Sorriaux debuted as a guitarist for the Swedish Rock band, Blues Pills. Blues Pills is a bluesy-oriented rock band with a bona fide hard core female front to belt out their tunes. Dorian joined the band at the young age of 16 years. He stayed with the band from 2011 through 2018 before leaving for a solo career that arrived with an excellent single (“Hungry Ghost”) from his first album. He has been touring and working on his next album.

On June 14. the next Dorian Sorriaux album will be released with four tracks out ahead of it. The new album is being called Children Of The Moon, which will contain 10 songs. You can hear one of the songs below. The music found on both albums are inspired, in part, by the Folk-styled sounds of ’70s Neil Young, and Nick Drake.

Children Of The Moon will be released via The Sign Records on CD, DD, and black vinyl LP. As a reminder for Blues Pills fans, their newest album – Birthday – arrives on August 2 (here).

Children Of The MoonDorian Sorriaux
01 Yet We Have Changed
02 Children Of The Moon
03 I Believe That You Can Change
04 To The Water
05 Need To Love
06 Light In The Dark
07 Shine So Bright
08 In The End
09 Just A Little More
10 Sunken Ship

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