Lindsey Buckingham made his ascent as guitarist/composer for the changing Fleetwood Mac back in the ’70s. His recording mate, Stevie Nicks, joined the British band as a stipulation for convincing Buckingham to join; the rest is history. Although Lindsey Buckingham has made more than a few albums with Fleetwood Mac, he has also released a few solo efforts (outside of the Buckingham/Nicks set). His first, Law and Order, gave him a single (“Trouble”) that proved to be warmly accepted and would have likely been a well-received Fleetwood Mac single. Todate, Lindsey Buckingham has seven solo albums out, not counting the Buckingham/Nicks, and Buckingham/McVie releases.

On August 16, Lindsey Buckingham via Rhino Entertainment will revisit three of his earlier issues – Law and Order (1981), Go Insane (1985), Out Of The Cradle (1992) – and add in an extra disc of rarities, eight in total. The three albums will feature 2017 remastering from the analog tapes, and the bonus tracks will feature non-albums picks, and “Twisted” with Stevie Nicks, created for the film, Twister. The 4-disc set will be called 20th Century Lindsey. The 4LP box will be issued earlier on June 14. Another 4LP set is offered as signed.

20th Century Lindsey will be released as 4CD, 4LP Limited Edition black vinyl (3000 copies), and DD. A cover lithograph will be added into the 4LP Box.

20th Century LindseyLindsey Buckingham

CD1 (Law and Order)
01 Bwana
02 Trouble
03 Mary Lee Jones
04 I’ll Tell You Now
05 It Was I
06 September Song
07 Shadow Of The West
08 That’s How We Do It In L.A.
09 Johnny Stew
10 Love From Here, Love From There
11 A Satisfied Mind

CD2 (Go Insane)
01 I Want You
02 Go Insane
03 Slow Dancing
04 I Must Go
05 Play In The Rain
06 Play In The Rain (Continued)
07 Loving Cup
08 Bang The Drum
09 D.W. Suite

CD3 (Out of the Cradle)
01 Instrumental Introduction To
02 Don’t Look Down
03 Wrong
04 Countdown
05 All My Sorrows
06 Soul Drifter
07 Instrumental Introduction To
08 This Is The Time
09 You Do Or You Don’t
10 Sweet Dreams
11 Spoken Word Introduction To
12 Surrender The Rain
13 Doing What I Can
14 Turn It On
15 This Nearly Was Mine
16 Say We’ll Meet Again

CD4 (20th Century Rarities)
01 Holiday Road
02 Dancin’ Across The USA
03 Go Insane (Extended Remix)
04 Slow Dancing (Extended Version)
05 Time Bomb Town”
06 Soul Drifter (Radio Remix)
07 On The Wrong Side
08 Twisted (with Stevie Nicks)

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