If you remember Yellow Magic Orchestra, and their seven peak-era albums that were released back in the late ’70s and early ’80s, then you have come across the compositional magic of composer, Ryuichi Sakamoto. After this, a decade-long hiatus was arranged. Yellow Magic Orchestra left off and sought out other forms of creation individually. Ryuichi Sakamoto enjoyed an immediate burst of popularity with Thousand Knives (1979), and then with B-2 Unit, both (and subsequent releases) in his native Japan market. Over the years, Ryuichi Sakamoto delivered over 20 solo efforts up through 2023, and had collaborated on as many albums. He worked with around 50 film scores, and issued live sets. Ryuichi Sakamoto passed in 2023 at the age of 71 leaving behind an enduring legacy of music.

On July 26, Light In the Attic Records will reissue the seventh of Ryuichi Sakamoto‘s albums – Neo Geo. The album was originally released in 1987 via Sony Music. The album featured a track written and performed with Iggy Pop, “Risky”. This reissue will feature a brand new remaster of the album, which will be included on 2 Blu-ray Audio discs and 2 180g-weight LPs pressed on black vinyl. The 4-disc Box set will provide live material as well including a 1987 Japan show, and a June 1988 NYC show. The box will add in an informative booklet.

Other forms of distribution include Digital and Streaming audio.

Neo GeoRyuichi Sakamoto
01 Before Long
02 Neo Geo
03 Risky
04 Free Trading
05 Shogunade
06 Parata
07 Okinawa Song-Chin Nuku Juushii
08 After All
09 Risky
10 Risky(Extended Version)
11 Neo Geo
12 Risky(Instrumental)

By MARowe