The Sundays, once the darlings of ’90s indie Rock, formed in the late ’80s, released three well-received albums in both the Euro and US markets. The debut, Reading, Writing and Arithmetic issued in 1990 and hit all charts in the world favorably. The female chanteuse – Harriet Wheeler – captivated audiences with her voice, while the rest of the band performed delightful music to accompany Harriet on her singing. Overall, the promising band released three albums released by Rough Trade, Parlophone, and Geffen Records (for the US), before just disappearing. They have been unheard since 1997’s release of Static & Silence.

Currently, a Limited Edition 180g-weight black vinyl press of Reading, Writing & Arithmetic is being offered with brand new remastering from the original analog tapes. The album joins Interscope’s Hi-Fi Audio line of LPs with a press of only 3000 copies. These are sure to sell out fast. The ONLY place this album from this series can be pre-ordered is from the Interscope website (here).

Here’s hoping for a reunion someday!

Reading, Writing and Arithmetic (2024 Remaster) – The Sundays
Side A
01 Skin & Bones
02 Here’s Where The Story Ends
03 Can’t Be Sure
04 I Won
05 Hideous Towns
Side B
06 You’re Not The Only One I Know
07 A Certain Someone
08 I Kicked A Boy
09 My Finest Hour
10 Joy

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