Minnie Riperton died at the young age of 31, succumbing to cancer. Her beautiful and high ranged voice (five and a half octave!) would be remembered by many for the power it possessed. It would be her massive hit single, “Lovin’ You” that would put her high on the hit parade. That song originated on her soulful Perfect Angel. After that explosive album, she would release four more, one after her death. Perfect Angel was recorded with Stevie Wonder’s band.

On November 10, Capitol Records will reissue Perfect Angel as a 2CD Deluxe Edition. Originally released on Epic Records in 1974, it’s apparent that her last label (Capitol Records) has acquired the Epic catalog titles (Perfect Angel, Adventures In Paradise, Stay In Love). For now, I do not have the contents of the second CD. But I will soon enough!

By MARowe