With the popularity of vinyl LPs still ascending, there are many albums being revisited as LPs. Major labels, as well as many new independent bands are releasing their music in vinyl. Here’s a brief list of some that are being listed as coming over the next few months:

Friday Music will have a remastered reissue of the OMPS, La Bamba, featuring Los Lobos. This LP will be released on 180g vinyl and stored in a gate-fold jacket. It’s planned for March 17.

Also on March 17 and from Friday Music are Cold Spring Harbor, the 1971 Billy Joel album; the OMPS from Cocktail (1988), and Black Market, the 1976 Weather Report issue. All of these titles are remastered, pressed on 180g vinyl, and placed into gate-fold jackets.

On March 10, Friday Music will reissue Truth (1968) from Jeff Beck, and Past, Present and Future (1973), by Al Stewart. As in the previous reissues, they will be in gate-fold jackets, newly remastered, and pressed on 180g-weight vinyl.

Al Stewart Past Present And Future

On March 3, Friday Music will reissue Live Bootleg Series Volume 7 featuring Johnny Winter, and Blood, Sweat & Tears 3.

March 3 will also find Hillbilly Deluxe (1987) by Dwight Yoakam, reissued via Warner Music Nashville, on 180g vinyl LP.  Reprise Records will reissue Blood Mountain, the 2006 Mastodon album, on solid yellow, and transparent green vinyl.

February 24 will have Friday Music reissuing Live Bootleg Series Volume 10 by Johnny Winter. The label also has 3+3 by The Isley Brothers expected, pressed on translucent blue 180g vinyl.

Isley Brothers 3+3



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