The SpecialsThe Specials, a ska-influenced post-punk band of the late 70s, enjoyed a cult status, and a small string of hits including the 1979 breakout hit, ” A Message To You, Rudy”. And while their ascendant fame was more celebrated in the UK than on American shores (although they certainly had their fans in the US), they did enjoy a world-wide fan-base.

The Specials produced two immediate Gold records (The Specials – 1979, More Specials – 1980), and a follow-up, In The Studio (1984) for 2-Tone Records. They did not record any more during this fresh period. In 1996, a newer version of The Specials released Today’s Specials. And while that album didn’t do as hoped, the first three are considered sacred issue that represented not only the band, but the period.

On March 30, 2-Tone/Warner UK will reissue the first three albums with added content to create 2CD expanded definitive releases that will stand the test of time.

The extra bonus tracks for each of the three mentioned albums will include:

The Specials – A 1979 over-the-air BBC broadcast of a show at Paris Theater, and the Too Much Too Young live EP

More Specials – Non-album singles, John Peel sessions, and extended singles

In The Studio – Instrumental versions of six tracks, non-album singles, and Peel sessions.

Each reissue will include new remastering, new liner notes, more photographs, and extensive credits and notations.

[Thanks to Slicing Up Eyeballs for the heads up. Visit the site for a complete tracklisting of each reissue.]


By MARowe