NotationsStillHereMy first contact with The Notations, came in 1975, my final year of HS. The song was “Superpeople”, heard on one of the Chicago FM stations I usually paid close attention to. I was big into Parliament, Curtis Mayfield, Isaac Hayes, and others at the time (who wasn’t), and so a song like “Superpeople” caught my ear pretty easily. But, unfortunately, I never followed through on finding other things from this Chicago band, The Notations. Still, The Notations were a solid R&B funk band. They just never fully caught on.

On March 17, NMG/Numero Records will release a collection that peruses their output from their beginnings until 1973. The new collection is being called The Notations: Still Here 1967-1973. This represents the formative years before their transition to a major label and the previously mentioned “Superpeople” (see track-list). From the sound of it, there may be further assembled collections that explore their later years.

The Notations: Still Here 1967-1973 is planned to be released on CD, DD, and vinyl LP. For the LP, two of the sixteen tracks will not be available.

I’m excited to finally be able to explore their music beyond the one song.

Track Listing:
01. A New Day
02. I’m Still Here
03. Trying My Best To Find Her
04. Just You And Me
05. This Time I’m For Real
06. What More Can I Say
07. I Can’t Stop
08. That Girl
09. At The Crossroads
10. Leading Lady
11. Now I Know How It Feels
12. Gonna Get Ready
13. I’ve Been Trying
14. I Don’t Want To Be Late
15. Lonely People (CD/MP3 only)
16. Young Girl (CD/MP3 only)


By MARowe

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  1. This is great news, Matt. I love discovering obscure Soul stuff. Plus, the years encapsulated on the set fall right in the parameters I’m looking for.

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