Epic Records plan the release of Sticks and Stones from Cher Lloyd, scheduling a release date of October 2.  This US Edition will add in a bonus track.

Glass Note Records will add a Deluxe Edition of Babel by Mumford & Sons to the release calendar, adding three bonus tracks.  Expect this one on September 25.

Legacy Recordings have scheduled the new Heart album,  Fanatic, for October 2, on LP and CD.

The Truth About Love, the latest album from Pink, will arrive from RCA Records on September 18.  This album will be available in both CD and LP.

Island Records plan to issue a Deluxe Edition version of 4th Street Feeling by Melissa Etheridge on September 4th.  The Deluxe Edition packs in a coaster and guitar pick, packaged in a six-panel digipak.

The 25th Anniversary of Document by R.E.M. is on the calendar for September 25.  It will be made available in both CD, and LP forms.

Edsel Records from the UK is offering five early Steve Miller classic album reissues with Brave New World (1969); Sailor (1968); Your Saving Grace (1969); Children Of The Future (1968); and Number Five (1970).  These are slated for August 27.  [Thanks to Stephen Talia]

The new album from The Wallflowers,  Glad All Over,  is planned for CD and LP on October 2 via Columbia Records.

Aimee Mann comes back with a new album, Charmer,  scheduled for September 18 on both CD and LP.

Blue Note Records will release Born To Sing: No Plan B from Van Morrison on October 2.

The new album from Taylor Swift has been announced.  Red is scheduled for October 22.

Long Wave from Jeff Lynne (ELO), is currently planned for October 9.  On October 9 (of course),  Frontiers Records will release a “best of” featuring ELO hits.   The album will be called Mr Blue Sky.

The 45th Anniversary for the release of Velvet Underground and Nico is planned for a massive Super Deluxe Edition set for October 30.

Island Records will release Battle Born by The Killers with a scheduled date of September 18.

By MARowe

2 thoughts on “TAPSheet: Release Notes – 08/14/2012”
  1. FYI, the “Mr. Blue Sky” collection is all re-recorded tracks. Jeff Lynne played all instruments on both albums.

  2. I am extremely unhappy with the next King Crimson release in the 40th anniversary series. After doing fantastic work on the first 5 records, where they have a DVD with a host of bonus material and hi-def and surround mixes, at a very reasonable price around the £12 mark, Larks Tongues in Aspic now delivers 12 CDs of extra (who really needs this?) and comes in at a whopping £90! As much as I would like the hi-def record and the Steven Wilson mixes, I am not prepared to pay that kind of money.
    I don’t know why they decided to follow the Pink Floyd/Jethro Tull model rather than carrying on like before, but I for one will not be caught. Maybe someone on eBay will buy the complete set and sell it seperately, which is how I got Wish you were here on Blu-Ray.

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