Roadrunner Records will release new Stone Sour with the first of two-parter, House of Gold + Bones expected on October 23.  Part 2 is slated for some time in 2013.

Eagle Rock Entertainment slates their BD/DVD release of Live at The Bowl ’68 featuring The Doors,  for October 23.

Universal Republic will release The Album Collection for Amy Winehouse on October 9.

Geffen slips into a little holiday spirit with the planned releases of White Christmas by Bing Crosby,  and Jingle Bell Rock from Brenda Lee.   White Christmas arrives on September 18, while Jingle Bell Rock arrives a week later at September 25.  Universal Motown adds Bethlehem by Brian McKnight on September 25.

Fuel Records plan Too Hot For Snakes/The Ring of Truth from Carla Olson and Mick Taylor on October 16.

Interscope Records will release Halcyon by Ellie Goulding on October 9.

Fuel Records will release a Freddie Fender compilation called Love Songs on October 16.  The label also plans Anthology,  Volume 1 featuring the collected music of The Fifth Estate,  scheduled for October 16.

Warner Brothers Records will release Sunken Condos by Steely Dan vet,  Donald Fagen, on October 17.

Grateful Dead Records will release a 2CD Grateful Dead title,  Spring 1990: So Glad You Made It,  on September 18.

Legacy and RCA Records will release a Deluxe set of Prince From Another Planet by Elvis Presley.  This set is a 2CD/DVD box set for October 30.

Watch for Mystic Pinball by John Hiatt via New West Records,  planned for CD and LP release on September 25.

So nice to see a multi-disc Deluxe Edition of So by Peter Gabriel,  which will be slated for October 23 via Real World Productions.

Ultra Records will release <Album Title Goes Here> from Deadmau5 on September 25.

Beacon Theater: Live From New York featuring Joe Bonamassa is scheduled from J&Real Adventures in a 2CD set planned for September 25.

Devil You Know arriving from one of my favorite female artists, Richie Lee Jones, is slotted for September 18 via Concord Records.

Legacy Recordings and Columbia Records will release a 16CD/1DVD Deluxe Edition Box featuring the catalog works of Blue Oyster Cult on October 30.  This set will feature 2012 remasters and include:

1. Blue Oyster Cult (1972 – studio – with 2001 CD bonus tracks)
2. Tyranny and Mutation (1973 – studio – with 2001 CD bonus tracks)
3. Secret Treaties (1974 – studio – with 2001 CD bonus tracks)
4. On Your Feet or on Your Knees (1975 – live) – 2012 Remaster
5. Agents of Fortune (1976 – studio – with 2001 CD bonus tracks)
6. Spectres (1977 – studio – with 2007 CD bonus tracks)
7. Some Enchanted Evening CD (1978 – live – with 2007 CD bonus tracks)
8. Some OTHER Enchanted Evening DVD (1978 – live)
9. Mirrors (1979 – studio) – 2012 Remaster
10. Cultosaurus Erectus (1980 – studio) – 2012 Remaster
11. Fire of Unknown Origin (1981 – studio) – 2012 Remaster
12. Extraterrestrial Live (1982 – live) – 2012 Remaster
13. The Revolution By Night (1983 – studio) – 2012 Remaster
14. Club Ninja (1985 – studio) – 2012 Remaster
15. Imaginos (1988 – studio) – 2012 Remaster
16. Rarities
17. Radios Appear: The Best of the Broadcasts

And 40-page book will be included along with download codes for four bonus live concerts.

Concord Jazz will release Rhythm Sessions from Lee Ritenour on September 25.

Legacy and Columbia team to release the massive Johnny Cash box set,  The Complete Columbia Album Collection with 63! discs.   This is set for October 30.

Capitol Records have slated the new Bat For Lashes album, The Haunted Man, for October 23.


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