As the ’80s came into existence, it brought with it a changing world of music. It broke every imaginable barrier and explored every imaginable style, often in extraordinary merges of sound. By the time 1981 arrived, Klaus Nomi had established himself as an artist with a different tack. He used an operatic voice to make New Wave songs, and he did it with ease. He had even captured the attention of David Bowie, who used him in several TV appearances (here). Sadly, Klaus Nomi died in 1983, and unfortunately left behind only two  classic albums. 

On June 14, Real Gone Music will reissue the self titled Klaus Nomi RCA debut album on a limited edition black and white “cabaret smoke” vinyl LP. The album is standard 120g-weight vinyl press. This 1000-copy pressing reissue will feature original artwork and original inner sleeve.

Klaus Nomi provided a unique flair to the Chubby Checker classic, “The Twist”, and enjoyed a minor hit with his rendition of Lou Christie’s “Lightning Strikes”. An FM staple play included “Total Eclipse”. All are worth hearing, especially if you’re a fan of ’80s music.

His second album (hopefully resurrected by RGM in vinyl, soon) included a fascinating take on “Ding Dong (The Witch Is Dead)”, that thoroughly enchanted my daughter when she was three, and my granddaughter when she was only two. (“Total Eclipse” and “Ding Dong” can both be heard below.)

Klaus Nomi (Limited Edition Cabaret Smoke Vinyl) – Klaus Nomi

Side One:
01 Keys of Life
02 Lightning Strikes
03 The Twist
04 Nomi Song
05 You Don’t Own Me
Side Two:
01 The Cold Song
02 Wasting My Time
03 Total Eclipse
04 Nomi Chant
05 Samson and Delilah (Aria)

By MARowe

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