With the early years of R.E.O. Speedwagon collected in a boxed set issued via Cherry Red, it was inevitable that the fine and detailed attention of that set (The Early Years 1971-1977) (here), covering the band’s first seven studio albums, and their classic breakthrough Live set, You Get What You Play For, would be eventually complimented with the subsequent years of success. With that in mind, Cherry Red plan to complete that with a new box.

On March 1, watch for Classic Years 1978-1990. Inside you will discover the band’s next seven studio sets (You Can Tune A Piano But You Can’t Tuna Fish (1978), Nine Lives (1979), Hi Infidelity (1980), Good Trouble (1982), Wheels Are Turnin’ (1984), Life As We Know It (1987), The Earth, A Small Man, His Dog and A Chicken (1990)), all of which produced a strong collection of singles like “Time For Me To Fly”, “Keep On Loving You”, “Take It On The Run”, “Keep The Fire Burnin'”, and “Can’t Fight This Feeling”.

In addition to the seven studio sets, a set of live tracks are included on another CD, as well as a collection of previously unreleased demo tracks on its own CD.  As with The Early Years, a selection of bonus tracks are included with the studio album that birthed it along with some era-specific live tracks. All tracks are newly remastered.

The Classic Years 1978-1990REO Speedwagon

CD1 (You Can Tune A Piano But You Can’t Tuna Fish)
1. Roll with the Changes
2. Blazin’ Your Own Trail Again
3. Time for Me to Fly
4. Lucky for You
5. The Unidentified Flying Tuna Trot
6. Say You Love Me or Say Goodnight
7. Runnin’ Blind
8. Do You Know Where Your Woman Is Tonight?
9. Sing to Me
Bonus Tracks
10. Roll with the Changes (Short Version)
11. Roll with the Changes (Long Version)
12. Time for Me to Fly (Edit)
Live Again (1978 Promo Release)
13. Son of a Poor Mann
14. (I Believe) Our Time Is Gonna Come
15. Flying Turkey Trot
16. Keep Pushin’
17. Ridin’ the Storm Out
18. Piano Interlude
19. 157 Riverside Avenue

CD2 (Nine Lives)
1. Heavy on Your Love
2. Drop It (An Old Disguise)
3. Only the Strong Survive
4. Easy Money
5. Rock & Roll Music
6. Take Me
7. I Need You Tonight
8. Meet Me on the Mountain
9. Back on the Road Again
Bonus Tracks
10. Easy Money (Edit)
11. 157 Riverside Avenue (Live)
12. Ridin’ the Storm Out (Live)

CD3 (Hi Infidelity)
1. Don’t Let Him Go
2. Keep on Loving You
3. Follow My Heart
4. In Your Letter
5. Take It on the Run
6. Tough Guys
7. Out of Season
8. Shakin’ It Loose

CD4 (Bonus Tracks with Previously Unreleased Demos)
01 Someone Tonight
02 Tough Guys
03 In Your Letter
04 Follow My Heart
05 Take It on the Run
06 Don’t Let Him Go
07 Keep on Loving You
08 Shakin’ It Loose
09 I Wish You Were There
10 Don’t Let Him Go (Edit)
11 Take It on the Run (Edit)
Live Promo
12 Don’t Let Him Go
13 Keep on Loving You
14 Take It on the Run
15 In Your Letter
16 Keep on Loving You (89 Reggae Version)

CD5 (Good Trouble)
01 Keep the Fire Burnin’
02 Sweet Time
03 Girl with the Heart of Gold
04 Every Now and Then
05 I’ll Follow You
06 The Key
07 Back in My Heart Again
08 Let’s Be-Bop
09 Stillness of the Night
10 Good Trouble

CD6 (Wheels Are Turnin’)
01 I Do Wanna Know
02 One Lonely Night
03 Thru the Window
04 Rock ‘N Roll Star
05 Live Every Moment
06 Can’t Fight This Feeling
07 Gotta Feel More
08 Break His Spell
09 Wheels Are Turnin’
Bonus Tracks
10 I Do Wanna Know (Short Version)
11 Live Every Moment (Edit)
12 Wherever You’re Goin’ (It’s Alright) (Remix)
13 Gotta Feel More (Radio Mix Long Version)
14 Gotta Feel More (Radio Mix Short Version)
15 Wherever You’re Goin’ (It’s Alright) (The Goonies Ost)

CD7 (Life As We Know It)
01 New Way to Love
02 That Ain’t Love
03 In My Dreams
04 One Too Many Girlfriends
05 Variety Tonight
06 Screams and Whispers
07 Can’t Get You Out of My Heart
08 Over the Edge
09 Accidents Can Happen
10 Tired of Gettin Nowhere
Bonus Tracks
11 Variety Tonight (Edit)
12 I Don’t Want to Lose You (The Hits)
13 Here with Me (The Hits)
14 Here with Me (Radio Edit)

CD8 (The Earth, A Small Man, His Dog and a Chicken)
01 Love Is a Rock
02 The Heart Survives
03 Live It Up
04 All Heaven Broke Loose
05 Love in the Future
06 Half Way
07 Love to Hate
08 You Won’t See Me
09 Can’t Lie to My Heart
10 L.I.A.R
11 Go for Broke
Bonus Tracks
12 All Heaven Broke Loose (Album Version-More Guitar)
13. All Heaven Broke Loose (Single Version-More Vocal)
14 Just for You (Radio Edit)
15 Just for You (The Ballads, Full Length Version)
16 ‘Til the Rivers

CD9 (Live Collection)
01 Don’t Let Him Go (Kemper Arena 1985)
02 Tough Guys (Kemper Arena 1985)
03 Take It on the Run (Kemper Arena 1985)
04 I Do Wanna Know (Kemper Arena 1985)
05 Can’t Fight This Feeling (Kemper Arena 1985)
06 Keep the Fire Burning (Rockford Metro Centre 1983)
07 Roll with the Changes (Rockford Metro Centre 1983)
08 That Ain’t Love (Kiel Auditorium, St Louis 1987)
09 Back on the Road Again (Blaisdell Arena, Honolulu 1989)
10 Live It Up (Club Eastbrook, Grand Rapids)
11 Roll with the Changes (Denver, Co 1981)
12 Ridin’ the Storm Out (Denver, Co 1981)
13 Keep on Lovin’ You (Indianapolis, in 1984)
14 Johnny B. Goode (Indianapolis, in 1985)
15 Can’t Fight This Feeling (Grand Rapids, Mi 1990)
16 Say You Love Me or Say Goodnight (Alpine Valley, Wi 1980)
17 Time for Me to Fly (ST. Louis, Mo 1987)

By MARowe