Back in the early ’70s, much after their 1967 formation in Champaign, IL, R.E.O. Speedwagon released their first album on Epic Records.  They were becoming increasingly popular and Epic explored the wisdom in signing a band that was ascendant in status. R.E.O. released a consistent collection of albums leading up to the commericial success of You Can Tune A Piano…(1978). The albums prior to this are: R.E.O. Speedwagon (1971). R.E.O. /T.W.O. (which introduced Kevin Cronin) [1972], Ridin’ The Storm Out (1973), Lost In A Dream (1974), This Time We Mean It (1975), and REO (1976). Each subsequent album produced different results, some not as good as intended. However, the band persevered and is now one of the historic classic bands of the Golden era of Rock.

On October 5, the fine talents behind UK’s Cherry Red Records will release an 8CD Boxed set featuring the band’s first six studio albums and the live set of You Get What You Play For ( 1977). This boxed set will include a nice collection of bonus tracks that will include monophonic singles, as well as the full restoration of the double LP of You Get What You Play For.

The included booklet will provide photos, credits, newly written liner notes. The Boxed collection will be titled The Early Years (1971-1977).

The Early Years (1971-1977)REO Speedwagon

CD1 (R.E.O. Speedwagon):
01. Gypsy Woman’s Passion
02. 157 Riverside Avenue
03. Anti-Establishment Man
04. Lay Me Down
05. Sophisticated Lady
06. Five Men Were Killed Today
07. Prison Women
08. Dead at Last
Bonus Tracks
09. 157 Riverside Avenue (Mono Single)
10. Lay Me Down (Mono Single)
11. Sophisticated Lady (Mono Single)

CD2 (R.E.O. /T.W.O.):
01. Let Me Ride
02. How the Story Goes
03. Little Queenie
04. Being Kind (Can Hurt Someone Sometimes)
05. Music Man
06. Like You Do
07. Flash Tan Queen
08. Golden Country
Bonus Track
09. Little Queenie (Mono Single)

CD3 (Ridin’ The Storm Out):
01. Ridin’ the Storm Out
02. Whiskey Night
03. Oh Woman
04. Find My Fortune
05. Open Up
06. Movin’
07. Son of a Poor Man
08. Start a New Life
09. It’s Everywhere
10. Without Expression (Don’t Be the Man)
Bonus Tracks
11. Ridin’ the Storm Out (Mono Single)
12. Open Up (Mono Single)
13. Ridin’ the Storm Out Feat. Kevin Cronin
14. Son of a Poor Man Feat. Kevin Cronin

CD4 (Lost In A Dream):
01. Give Me a Ride (Roller Coaster)
02. Throw the Chains Away
03. Sky Blues
04. You Can Fly
05. Lost in a Dream
06. Down By the Dam
07. Do Your Best
08. Wild As the Western Wind
09. They’re on the Road
10. I’m Feeling Good
Bonus Track
11. Throw the Chains Away (Mono Single)

CD5 (This Time We Mean It):
01. Reelin’
02. Headed for a Fall
03. River of Life
04. Out of Control
05. You Better Realize
06. Gambler
07. Candalera
08. Lies
09. Dance
10. Dream Weaver
Bonus Tracks
11. Reelin’ (Mono Single)
12. Out of Control (Mono Single)

CD6 (REO):
01. Keep Pushin’
02. Any Kind of Love
03. (Only a) Summer Love
04. (I Believe) Our Time Is Gonna Come
05. Breakaway
06. Flying Turkey Trot
07. Tonight
08. Lightning
Bonus Tracks
09. Keep Pushin’ (Mono Single)
10. Keep Pushin’ (Live)

CD7 (You Get What You Play For):
01. Like You Do
02. Lay Me Down
03. Any Kind of Love
04. Being Kind (Can Hurt Someone Sometimes)
05. Keep Pushin’
06. (Only a) Summer Love
07. Son of a Poor Man
08. (I Believe) Our Time Is Gonna Come

CD8 (You Get What You Play For):
01. Flying Turkey Trot
02. Gary’s Guitar Solo (Restored)
03. 157 Riverside Ave
04. Ridin’ the Storm Out
05. Music Man
06. Little Queenie (Restored)
07. Golden Country


By MARowe