This Neil Young release has been on the burner for quite awhile. Recorded in 1976, it has become legend as a “lost album”. Likely, it was more an album that wasn’t desired as a potential release back then, whereas now, such finds and re-pulls are considered money in the bank. And so this is where Hitchhiker comes in.

Hitchhiker is a collection of ten acoustic recordings of songs. If you have heard the released cut “Hitchhiker” from the album, you will recognize it for the gold it is. It is a fresh and still viable Neil Young recording songs in a setting that suits him. If released back in 1976, it may not have fared as well as it certainly will now.

Hitchhiker is a sweet acoustic version listen (as is easily determined on the released title track) as opposed to its harder-edged recording. After the listen to the acoustic version, you’ll become swiftly inebriated by its presentation. There’s no doubt in my mind that further tracks will be as sweet, especially “Powderfinger”, and “Pocahontas”.

Hitchhiker will be issued as CD, DD, and a vinyl LP. The album is expected on September 8.

Hitchhiker – Neil Young

01 Pocahontas
02 Powderfinger
03 Captain Kennedy
04 Hawaii
05 Give Me Strength
06 Ride My Llama
07 Hitchhiker
08 Campaigner
09 Human Highway
10 The Old Country Waltz


By MARowe