When David Gilmour released Rattle That Lock in 2015, he undertook a long tour to support it. One of the stops, Pompeii (in Italy)had its July 7th and 8th shows recorded for an intended Live release. Eventually, that was realized as a reality with the recent announcements that Live In Pompeii would be made available for fans. And while this is old news as it was announced as early as May of 2017, I find it a nice reminder, as well as a possible surprise for some that didn’t know. (It’s harder and harder to compete with the ample flow of information these days. I was one of few over ten years ago, but am now one of many!) And so:

On September 29, Columbia Records, the long-time home of David Gilmour, will release a 2CD set of Live At Pompeii as well as Blu-ray Edition with the CD and other extras.  The 2CD Deluxe Edition will provide 148 minutes of music on 21 tracks (see list below). It will be housed in a sturdy hardback case, and include a 24-page book with photos  and other things concerning the historic shows.

The album will also be featured in a Boxed edition with a lift-off lid that will supply the 2CD set as well as a Blu-ray disc of the show, and a bonus blu-ray disc with eleven live tracks remixed in high quality Stereo, and 5.1 Surround tracks, all from various shows OTHER than the Pompeii shows (five from South America, and five from Poland (with orchestra). The remaining track is “Comfortably Numb” with Benedict Cumberbatch at the Royal Albert Hall, London. This bonus Blu-ray will include five documentaries totaling approximately 2 hours. The Box will add in a hardbound photobook, a Pompeii Guide leaflet, a 2-side poster, and four cards!

For vinyl fans, Live At Pompeii will see release as a 4LP edition on 180g-weight vinyl. The LPs will provide a download card for the digital versions of the tracks.

There will also be separately available 2DVD sets.

Live At Pompeii – David Gilmour

01. 5 A.M.  (3:13)
02. Rattle That Lock  (5:21)
03. Faces of Stone (6:00)
04. What Do You Want From Me  (4:30)
05. The Blue  (6:33)
06. The Great Gig in the Sky  (6:02)
07. A Boat Lies Waiting  (4:55)
08. Wish You Were Here  (5:18)
09. Money  (8:13)
10. In Any Tongue (7:47)
11. High Hopes  (9:31)
12. One of These Days  (6:32)


01. Shine On You Crazy Diamond (Pts. 1-5)  (12:30)
02. Fat Old Sun (6:05)
03. Coming Back to Life (7:18)
04. On an Island (7:01)
05. Today  (6:40)
06. Sorrow (10:50)
07. Run Like Hell  (7:16)
08. Time / Breathe (In The Air) (reprise); Time\ Breathe (In the Air) (6:45)
09. Comfortably Numb  (9:59)


By MARowe