In the late ’70s, Rock produced a quartet of unusual rockers in Cheap Trick. By the time of their second album, the band had appealed to a fast growing fanbase, which would  get exponentially larger by their live release of At Budokan. In fact, their rise to popularity was world-wide rather than the usual one country fixation that happens to many bands regardless of their country of origin. Also, in a nice twist to the usual stories of premature dismantling, Cheap Trick is STILL touring, STILL recording.

Over the years, Bun E Carlos (currently the one element of the original band that is at odds with the entire unit) had accumulated a treasure chest of recordings and live tapes. Much of the recordings he has archived include outtakes, live tracks, alternate versions of well-known songs, and a collection of demos, all of which show up in an upcoming volume of Cheap Trick essentials.

On April 28, Real Gone Music will release the first volume of collected rarities in The Epic Archives Vol. 1 (1975-1979) for Cheap Trick. And with the track list, it’s readily apparent that it is an essential for Cheap Trick fans. There’s a lot on here, folks. And with a potential following volume, more that we’d be delighted to have.

The album will feature 18 rarities. These include three demos before their Epic Records deal (“Come On, Come On”, “Southern Girls”, and “Taxman, Mr Thief”), two live Whisky performance tracks (“You’re All Talk”, “Goodnight”), and a wealth of excellent treasure pieces (see track-list). The booklet will feature rare photos from the period, while the music found on this Epic Archives set will be newly remastered (Vic Anesini). This will be issued on CD.

Thanks, Real Gone Music!

The Epic Archives Vol. 1 (1975-1979) – Cheap Trick

01. Come On, Come On (Ardent Studios Demo)
02. Southern Girls (Ardent Studios Demo)
03. Taxman, Mr. Thief (Ardent Studios Demo)
04. You’re All Talk (Early Studio Version)
05. I Want You to Want Me (Early Studio Version)
06. Lookout (Studio Version)
07. I Dig Go-Go Girls (Outtake)
08. Oh Boy (Instrumental Version)
09. You’re All Talk (Live at The Whiskey)
10. Goodnight (Live at The Whiskey)
11. Stiff Competition (Alternate Version)
12. Surrender (Alternate Version)
13. Ain’t That a Shame (Live Single Edit)
14. Lookout (previously unreleased alternate version)
15. Dream Police (No Strings Version)
16. Stiff Competition (Live at Budokan
17. How Are You (Live at Budokan
18. Top of the World (Live at Budokan)


By MARowe