After many years, the haunting specter of the New York Dolls still walk the corridors of Rock music. Credited with the birth of Punk, and certainly an effective chapter in the changing Rock style of the ’70s, New York Dolls effectively gave us something to remember. While the credit for helping to birth punk might be a bit much, they were no joke. For me, my musical enjoyment is much richer for them having been in it. Even more, the evolution of Johnny Thunders kept the music of the early ’80s much more interesting. For many, you either liked the band, or you didn’t. There were no indifference. Not back in the ’70s.

On March 24, original label, Mercury Records, will re-release the important debut album of New York Dolls first issued in 1973. That album delivered eleven fast and raucous tracks including the popular, “Trash” (hear below…YES, do it!). The album will only be re-released on vinyl LP (likely 180g-weight black vinyl).

If you have a copy and it’s old and overplayed, now’s the time to rectify that!


By MARowe