Some decades back, when Julia Fordham released her otherworldly “Happy Ever After”, she found herself at the adulation of a UK audience. It’s not a surprise as her eponymous debut album delivered four UK hit singles, one of them the haunting, pond-crossing “Happy Ever After” song about South Africa (hear for yourself below). Since that debut, Julia Fordham, with an enchanting voice, went on to release more than ten original studio albums. Four of them were charting hits in the UK. One of them was Falling Forward.

Falling Forward was released in 1994 and reached #21 on the UK charts. In addition to performing successfully as an album, it generated three singles, also in the UK market. Of course, if you were a US fan, adoring from across the waters however you could, then you’re well aware of the incredible and memorable talent Julia Fordham can boast of, and the many singles that encouraged collection sets.

Previously, Cherry Pop Records, a division of the extraordinary label, Cherry Red, has remastered and expanded on her previous three early career classics with 2CD Deluxe Editions (Julia Fordham – 1988, reissued on 01/29/2016; Porcelain – 1989, reissued on 06/17/2013; Swept – 1991, reissued on 06/17/2013). They’re about to reissue a 2CD Deluxe Edition of Falling Forward.

On April 28, the 2CD remastered and expanded Falling Forward will feature the original 11-track gem, and boost the weight with another 16 bonus tracks that include B-sides, single edits, alternate versions, and remixes, of which there were many (see track-list below). The included booklet will feature 20 pages of new liner notes, a detailed discography, photos, and track by track annotations by Julia herself.

Julia Fordham is one with a captivating voice. Certainly one that you’ll not forget over time. I’ve included “Falling Forward” from this album in the embedded videos below, and the classic “Happy Ever After” (crazily non-synced audio to video. Sorry ’bout that! Enjoy nevertheless!)

Falling Forward (2CD Deluxe Edition) – Julia Fordham

1. I Can’t Help Myself
2. Caged Bird
3. Falling Forward
4. River
5. Blue Sky
6. Different Time, Different Place
7. Threadbare
8. Love and Forgiveness
9. Honeymoon
10. Hope, Prayer and Time
11. Safe
12. I Can’t Help Myself (Stent Edit)
13. Please Forgive Me
14. Promises Promises
15. Only Human
16. Chaos
17. Pocket Days

1. Different Time, Different PlaceĀ (Alternate Version)
2. Safe(Alternate Version)
3. Honeymoon (Alternate Version)
4. I Can’t Help Myself (Original Edit)
5. I Can’t Help Myself (Stent 12″ Mix)
6. I Can’t Help Myself (Stent Alternate Mix)
7. I Can’t Help Myself (Smith And Mighty Slow Mix)
8. Falling Forward (Live)
9. Threadbare (Live)
10. Girlfriend (Live)


By MARowe