Without rehashing any historic information about Bad Company, which is all stuff fans already know, I’ll just jump to the good things that are coming for Bad Company fans. Not long ago (April 7, 2015), we had several updated remastered and expanded early catalog sets plus a long anticipated (and overdue) official live set. Love those! But now, we have a deep reach into their catalog to have two more classics that will be updated!

On May 26, the UK side of Warner Music will deliver Run With The Pack (1976), and Burnin’ Sky (1977) in freshly remastered 2CD packages along with expanded bonus tracks from the recording periods of both albums. There will be US versions, likely on the same date but the US always hold the cards a bit closer to their chests (I don’t know why).

For the Run With The Pack set, we’ll get the original album remastered on the first disc, with the bonus disc providing fourteen various alternative takes (but no finished outtake tracks). No word on the booklets yet, but if they follow the lead of the first two albums in their 2CD forms, then they’ll be just as awesome. Expect uncovered photos, new notes, memorabilia, and content details.

Both titles will also reissue on vinyl LP.










Run With The Pack – Bad Company

01. Live For The Music
02. Simple Man
03. Honey Child
04. Love Me Somebody
05. Run With The Pack
06. Silver, Blue & Gold
07. Young Blood
08. Do Right By Your Woman
09. Sweet Lil’ Sister
10. Fade Away

01. Live For The Music (Take 1, Alternative Vocal & Guitar)
02. Simple Man (Take 3, Early Mix)
03. Honey Child (Early Mix, Alternative Guitar Solo)
04. Run With The Pack (Extended Version, Alternative Vocal)
05. Let There Be Love (Take 1)
06. Silver, Blue & Gold (Take 1, Early Mix)
07. Young Blood (Alternative Vocal)
08. Do Right By Your Woman (Alternative Vocal)
09. Sweet Lil’ Sister (Live Backing Track)
10. Fade Away (Early Mix, Alternative Guitar Solo)
11. Do Right By Your Woman (Acoustic Version) [Remastered]
12. (I Know) I’m Losing You (Studio Jam)
13. Young Blood (Alternative Version 2)
14. Fade Away (Island Studios Demo)

For Burnin’ Sky Deluxe Edition, there will be the original album’s twelve tracks, all newly remastered. The bonus disc will supply fourteen extra tracks, most alternate recordings featuring a curious variation. As with the previous set, the booklet should be equally as awesome!










Burnin’ Sky – Bad Company

01. Burnin’ Sky
02. Morning Sun
03. Leaving You
04. Like Water
05. Knapsack (The Happy Wanderer)
06. Everything I Need
07. Heartbeat
08. Peace Of Mind
09. Passing Time
10. Too Bad
11. Man Needs Woman
12. Master Of Ceremony

01. Burnin’ Sky (Take 2, Alternative Vocal & Guitar)
02. Morning Sun (Take 3, Early Version)
03. Leaving You (Take 1, Alternative Vocal)
04. Like Water (Take 1, Rough Mix)
05. Knapsack (The Happy Wanderer) [Early Run Through]
06. Everything I Need (Take 2, Rough Mix)
07. Peace Of Mind (Alternative Version)
08. Passing Time (Alternative Vocal)
09. Too Bad (Full Version)
10. Man Needs Woman (Alternative Vocal & Guitar)
11. Too Bad (Early Version, Mick Ralphs Vocal)
12. Man Needs Woman (Take 2, Early Version, Mick Ralphs Vocal)
13. Burnin’ Sky (Take 1, Alternative Vocal)
14. Unfinished Story


By MARowe