CCR Live In EuropeWith new vinyl production making a hit wave out of the rich ‘previously released’ markets as many rediscover the turntable (or take it out of storage), it’s always a pleasure to be able to report on some of these grand titles that are resurfacing. With the re-releases and reissues of so many excellent album classics from the past on heavier-weight vinyl, the market for them is expanding. One of those classics is the Live In Europe album by Creedence Clearwater Revival released in 1973, of the 1971 set of dates from September 4 through September 28.

Live In Europe was performed without Tom Fogerty as he had already departed the band. Nothing portends the impending demise than a band splintering.

The 2LP vinyl set is making a comeback on September 2. There are no new song adds. Details surrounding the weight of the vinyl and the cover art are, thus far, unknown. But, I’m betting the discs themselves will be the expected 180g-weight vinyl “standard”.

More details as they arrive.


By MARowe