David+David BoomtownIn 1986, A&M Records released an album by a duo known as David+David. The collaboration was between David Baerwald and David Ricketts. Both were LA-based musicians that found a similar appreciation of lyrical and musical style in the ’80s. While dark subject matter permeated the album, the set soon was found in ascendant fashion on the Billboard charts, reaching an amazing #39. The album was called Boomtown. The song that elevated it was “Welcome To The Boomtown”. It was soon followed by the enticing “Swallowed By The Cracks”, and “It Ain’t Easy”. Boomtown easily achieved 500,000 units of sale giving it a prized Gold designation. Impressive! In fact, wildly impressive.

But, as fate would have it, the team of David+David would dissolve. It, of course, fueled a cry of sadness among their many new fans, myself included (as well as fellow fan, Dr Adam Jahnke). And as the years turned to decades, fans simply refused to let this gem – if you’ll excuse my blatant borrowing of the term – get “swallowed by the cracks”. And so, every so often, you’d read about someone missing the classic.

Well, it’s with surprising news that I recently discovered (thanks to a reader of MusicTAP), that the team of David+David are returning. Currently, they are putting the finishing touches on a new single. But that’s all we know about the album. Fundraising have been completed and the new album is going forward. Enthusiasm is being gauged by how many “LIKE” their Facebook page (here).

So…if you’re a fan of David+David, and are just now finding this out right here, get over there and like the page. And let’s hope for the best. When the new album is announced, and the single is being loaded onto YouTube, I’ll be sure to inform you.

In the meantime…

By MARowe