Carly Simon is photographed in New York on April 24, 2008. (AP Photo/Jim Cooper)
Carly Simon is photographed in New York on April 24, 2008. (AP Photo/Jim Cooper)

Over the years, I’ve written a fair share of “where are you” and “time for a new album” pieces. This one will just be another in a long line of ignored pleas. But I have to ask the question: Why doesn’t Carly Simon continue to record music? What Carly has over long gone Rock classics is style of music. In her genre, the sounds have changed little, which means that whatever she does will fit in just as neatly as it always have.

Someone recently posted on a Carly Simon fan page a few lines from her magnificent “His Friends Are More Than Fond Of Robin”, a love song sung to Robin Hood from the perspective of Maid Marion. I know what a beautiful album No Secrets is. But her previous two albums, (Carly Simon – 1971, Anticipation – 1971) were equally great.

Carly released quite a few hits, all contained on best-selling albums. She has released 23 studio works including three Platinum-selling hits (No Secrets – 1972, Boys In The Trees – 1978, Coming Around Again – 1987), and two Gold-selling sets (Anticipation – 1971, Hotcakes – 1974). But there’s not an album that isn’t enjoyed by her many fans. And yet, surprisingly, our last album from her was an acoustic rework of her hits (Never Been Gone) produced in 2009. And that album is good enough to still hit my rotation periodically. Her last album of original material was thee ill-fated (but excellent) This Kind Of Love, mishandled by Hear Music back in 2008.

And so:

Dear Carly…

After almost eight years without new music from you (not counting the excellent “I Can’t Thank You Enough”, a new song found on her ‘best of’ companion set, Songs From the Trees), your fans are getting a little antsy. The music you create exists within a barely changed genre, which is to your advantage.

I know it takes money to produce an album of songs. I also understand your reticence after the fiasco with Hear Music. Who wants a repeat of that mess. I’m sure it’s not you! But I cannot imagine there’s not a label out there that doesn’t want to provide a nice fan-base with new music from you.

New music? You cannot tell me that the creative side of you doesn’t want to produce another great album. Go back and listen again┬áto your great early material. Start there. See if you can’t be inspired to create again. I’m betting you can.

With the recent release of your autobiography, you have a positive buzz going on. Release a statement and tell us that you’re working on a new album. Resolve! Provide!

You’re loved, Carly. You can do this.

The lyrics of “Anticipation” works quite well here!



By MARowe