It falls to me to state the obvious, and to offer a blanket apology to every artist out who has created art…that got ignored. For days (for decades actually), I have pondered the long-lasting worth of every “award-winning” single, every album, every video, every movie, and as many artistic endeavors on every platform that art sits upon. More often than not, and usually to the tune of 95%, a far more worthy work has fallen prey to “Pop Culture”. That phenomenon encompasses an untold number of works and dictates which small group gets the “prize” of distinction for the year. And usually, it’s undeserved.

I recognize that there are varied tastes for art out there. It’s a subjective appreciation. But it is often recognizable that the winners pale in comparison to less seen or heard works when presented side by side. The current state of Pop Culture, which follows every “current state” of Pop Culture that came before it, is heavily dependent on how many eyes and ears have come into contact with the art. Hence the term “Pop Culture”. It’s the popular sound and vision of the moment.

Let’s veer off to the less seen and heard. I cannot tell you how many songs, movies, and artworks I’ve seen. In many cases, the art I’m involving myself with is not enjoyed by many as the presentation is restricted to just those who can find it. But with Pop Culture, the machine that pushes what is deemed “the best” attunes itself to the styles that are currently in vogue. This, in turn , is influenced heavily by the art that is presented to it. This is why I find most award ceremonies not worth my time as the best of the year is never really a true option.

I will not provide instances because, as I have stated, art is subjective. That is, it is appreciated only by those that find a particular work enjoyable. But you all have something that you like that simply doesn’t register on any radar other than your own…and a friend or two. Some even have a song that resonates year after year after year (I have many that play in my head some 20 years later on a daily basis).

And so…to every artist that has created a timeless work – and there are many – I sincerely apologize for the industries that you work within but who have not given you any recognition for your work. I don’t know how to fix this or how to better present it. But for a starter, a better panel of judges could be installed and tasked with the job of sorting through the best that would be presented to them on a daily basis by ordinary lovers of art. Then keep their big awards shows but also give an award show where the best of the rest get a night for themselves.


By MARowe