Just a quick pop into this dream state with a bit of potential news. Over at the Gentle Giant FB page, a photo is posted with the cryptic notation of “Thinking about a new Steven Wilson remix this year!!” Whether that means that one is in the works, or that one will be released (as many of Steven Wilson’s remixes have been finished for years before being released. Roxy Music debut is one that is finished by not released (done in 2012). Others include Beat, and Three Of A Perfect Pair from the Adrian Belew period of King Crimson (finished “a long time ago”), and Seeds of Love by Tears For Fears (possibly finished by now).

As of today, only Octopus, and The Power And The Glory have been remixed. With the new post, we have a speculation that one is bieng released later this year. We know that the multi-tape masters for In A Glass House have not been located. It’s one that Wilson has been keen on remixing. But there are others so, while we wouldn’t know which title is being referred to, all we can do is wait for news of a more concrete nature.

Nevertheless, this bit of “noise” is definitely welcomed! We’ll keep our eyes peeled for more news.

Gentle Giant


By MARowe