I recently (June 5) did a short MusicTAP-related segment on the Chris Carter’s British Invasion show heard weekly on Sirius Satellite Radio (Saturdays beginning at 9a PST/12p EST, and all of the time zone adjustments throughout the reach of Sirius, and a broadcast repeat on Sundays from 1p PST/4p EST). The Chris Carter’s British Invasion show is found on Sirius Radio’s broadcast channel of Little Steven’s Underground Garage found on Channel 21.

The first show was a blast. My segment was a four-minute piece on upcoming British-related releases coming out. It is a feature that will show up once a month.

Additionally, I wanted those of you either new to the site, or those that were unaware, that I have a Facebook magazine page where I often post additional things that do not make it onto this site. It can be located and “Liked” here.

As an example, I posted a well-received news piece that Tony Visconti – David’s Bowie’s producer – announced there were more David Bowie material in the vaults that WILL be released in the near future. Stuff like that along with the occasional music video of something that I’d think you might like.

I hope to see some of you there.


By MARowe