One of Britain’s favourites, Thunder, will be releasing new music with the issue of their newest album, Wonder Days. With the release expected on February 16, and a variety of release options, fans have everything to be happy about. Expected on CD, DD, 2LP, and a 2CD Deluxe Edition with bonus content, Live At Wacken.

Thunder Wonder Days  Thunder Wonder Days II

Watch for A Light In The Black 1975-1984, a CD/DVD Box that features Rainbow in a collection that will cover the high profile period indicated by the title.  There is little info as to what is expected on the Box, but nevertheless, it’s a cool addition to expect.

Rainbow A Light In the Black


Edsel Records have a 5CD boxed set of The Sound (not to be confused with the current Swedish band, The Sounds) and some albums from their brief period of existence. The Box will feature Shock Of Daylight (1984) EP, Heads And Hearts, In The Hothouse (Live), and Thunder Up. The set is rounded out by a 36-page booklet, a collection of B-sides and demos, and that extra bonus disc of recordings. I’m all there! The Sound 5CD Box is expected on February 9.

The Sound

Chrysalis UK will release the new The Charlatans album, Modern Nature, on January 26. The Deluxe Edition will feature bonus tracks with singles and a demo. This is one I’m excited for!

If you’re an ELP fan, then note that the remixed Trilogy album is expected in the UK on February 2. Just remindin’ ya!

I love the energy of Public Service Broadcasting, and therefore, welcome their newest album, The Race For Space, which is slotted for February 23. (I need another lifetime for music, I DO!) There is a hint of a-ha in some of their music (if you ask me). However, a greater comparison lies in the heart of My Life In the Bush Of Ghosts by Eno and Byrne. Everybody should check these guys out! For a great starter, listen to Inform – Educate – Entertain.

PSB The Race For Space

Spectrum UK will release an 18-track collection featuring great Siouxie & the Banshees called Spellbound: The Collection. It’s due on January 12.

Siouxsie The Collection

Junk Culture by Orchestral Maneouvres In The Dark (OMD) is scheduled for a 2-disc Deluxe Edition on January 26 in the UK.

UMe will release a Deluxe Edition of Present Arms, the 1981 classic UB40 album that won fans over. The set is expected on January 26.


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5 thoughts on “TAPSheet: Release Notes – 12/11/2014 (UK Report)”
  1. Spellbound: The Collection isn’t just another greatest hits collection.

    “The reasoning behind the track selection was that Sioux and Severin wanted something from every album, including a few singles and even a couple of b sides. Live tracks and BBC sessions and other singles were ultimately passed over for cuts that would captured the mood of the collection in a more cohesive manner. This is evident by the overall feel of the tracklisting resembling more of an Banshees mixtape rather than being just any typical compilation.”

    The pre-order isn’t hard to take if you’re in the U.K.

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