Many of you are salivating for the complete 5.1 Surround remix of the classic The Who album, Quadrophenia. when news of its inclusion with, and ultimate separation from Quadrophenia: Live In London were announced. And, as the news of Live In London proliferated, there were cloudy announcements of the 1973 gem actually being made a stand-alone reissue in Blu-ray Pure Audio.


I’m here to settle your nerves with an actual link to Amazon of the stand-alone Blu-ray Pure Audio 5.1 Surround mix. Your job is to be excited, and to order it post-haste, so as to get your copy before someone calls in the clouds again.

It could all be a dream.

Quadrophenia is slated for July 8,

By MARowe

2 thoughts on “Quadrophenia Blu-ray Pure Audio Stand Alone Surround Reissue”
  1. I ordered back on May 29th. And yes I am excited. Can’t wait to hear 5:15 in 5.1.
    I didn’t realize the July 8th release date though. I thought it was supposed to be released last week.
    Thanks for the info Matt.

    1. I’m actually amazed at the amount of emails and appreciation received concerning this all too obvious release. I think the fact of it was confusing to many people.

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