BeatlesIn MonoWe’re dealing in several things here. The first is a Beatles overload. Since 2009, the marketplace has been inundated with Beatles remasterings of all kinds. And while this is a pleasing Beatles fan acquisition (more about that aspect a bit down the page), the product being offered is a newly remastered Mono versions of classic Beatles albums up through the White Album (1968), including the Mono Masters compilation of 2009, well…let’s just say, the vinyl cut of the 2009 CD Box is quite pricey. And price is the second thing we’re dealing with. The quoted Amazon price for this vinyl LP Box, The Beatles in Mono, is set around 409 dollars for the US market.

This is definitely being offered to take advantage of the resurging vinyl LP market, and why not? If I were a label with such a sale-able product, I’d do the same.

For the fans who want such a product, you just need to know that this offering of The Beatles In Mono is vinyl LP, fourteen 12″ LPs in all, and will contain the same issues as found in the CD Box of the same name released in 2009. The difference is, as stated earlier, these are new masterings, new cuts. In addition, this vinyl Box will offer a 12″ by 12″ hard back book with 108 pages of excellent materials that include new essays, photos, and every imaginable things that could fill 108 pages related to this.

The better news is that for everyone who doesn’t want the entire Box, each album is being made available as a singular purchase.

Everything is slated for release on September 9.

If you like vinyl LPs, and especially The Beatles, then this set (or any of the individual albums desired) will give you the absolute best way to listen to each of the offered Beatles title, perhaps since ever!

Good luck!


By MARowe

6 thoughts on “The Beatles In Mono Offered As Remastered Vinyl In September”
  1. I read a while back that all vinyl lps are still being produced on pre-80s equipment. If vinyl is really making as big a comeback as several articles seem to indicate, why won’t someone invest in new equipment.

    As I said a couple of weeks ago. No matter what they put out from here on, the only way I rebuy anymore Beatles is if they come out on sacd or bluray with 5.1 mixes.

    1. And I’m barely a Beatles fan! Yikes! I do like Magical Mystery Tour, 1, the Blue ‘best of’, and Let It Be.

  2. Because the producers want to recreate an “old” sound by using older electronics or tube-based electronics. These mono vinyl collection is the one to get if you must have the Beatles on vinyl-they were done more meticulously than the stereo records.


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