Just a few notes to interest you…maybe (remember when I used to do these?):

Billy Idol has a new album announced for September although there is no information beyond that. It will be his first in a decade, and coincides with the release of his autobiography, Dancing With Myself, planned for October 7. In addition, there will be an extensive World Tour that starts on June 17 and is promised to bleed into 2015.

Heading over to YouTube, there is a pre-release song from Ted Nugent‘s upcoming Shut Up & Jam! album, which is expected on July 8. The song, “Never Stop Believing” is actually not bad. Certainly a blast from the past.

I’m particularly invested in this UK import title featuring a live set from Talking Heads.  The album is called Live Chicago 1978, and features their late ’70s Park West performance ( I LOVE Park West). I was not at this show although I wish I had been. Still…nice pick-up! Here’s your link!

Talking Heads Live Chicago 1978

Snapper UK will release a live set featuring 13th Floor Elevators called Live Elevation Lost recorded at Houston Music Theatre on February 18, 1967. Music at its prime! Available on LP and CD.

13thFloorElevators Live

Virgin Records will release the new Adelitas Way album, Stuck, on July 29.

Lost Time In A Bottle featuring live Jim Croce performances and demos will be available on July 22 via Cleopatra Records. A quick glance at the track list can easily convince you that this is a must own set.

1. Next Time, This Time (Harper College 2/5/73)
2. New York s Not My Home (Harper College 2/5/73)
3. You Don t Mess Around With Jim (Harper College 2/5/73)
4. Careful Man (Harper College 2/5/73)
5. A Good Time Man Like Me (Demo)
6. Tractor Trailer Story Intro (Harper College 2/5/73)
7. Speedball Tucker (Demo)
8. Operator (Demo)
9. Hard Time Losin Man (Demo)
10. Seems Like Such A Long Time Ago (Demo)
11. It Doesn t Have To Be That Way (Harper College 2/5/73)
12. Bar Story Intro (Harper College 2/5/73)
13. Roller Derby Queen (Harper College 2/5/73)
14. One Less Set Of Footsteps (Harper College 2/5/73)
15. Dreamin Again (Harper College 2/5/73)
16. Bad, Bad Leroy Brown (Demo)
17. Time In A Bottle (Demo)
18. I Got A Name (Live 1973)
19. Charley Green, Play That Slide Trombone (Cazenovia College 1964)
20. San Francisco Bay Blues (Cazenovia College 1964)
21. Washington At Valley Forge (Cazenovia College 1964)
22. La Bamba (Cazenovia College 1964)
23. Seek And You Shall Find (Cazenovia College 1964)
24. Woke Up This Morning (Cazenovia College 1964)


By MARowe