MidgeUre FragileIn the late ’70s, a band by the name of Ultravox created their stage space by releasing several Island Records albums (Ultravox! – 1977, Ha!-Ha!-Ha! – 1977, Systems of Romance – 1978). With little success, the band seemed to be put to bed. Midge Ure, however, took an interest, and helped to reform the band with Warren Cann, Chris Cross, and Billy Currie. The reforming band’s first album, Vienna, released in 1980 via a new record label (Chrysalis), exploded on the charts. Vienna was helped along by well-crafted songs released as singles that included “Vienna”, “Sleepwalk”, “Passing Strangers”, and “All Stood Still”. But it was easily “Vienna” that put the gas into the engines.

Through 1986, and four albums later (Rage In Eden – 1981, Quartet – 1982, Lament – 1984, U-Vox – 1986), Midge Ure and Ultravox kept fans in quality material.

In 1985, Midge Ure stepped out into the solo experience by releasing his best-selling The Gift, which went to the top in the UK. The Gift produced the hit, “If I Was”. He followed The Gift up with Answers To Nothing (1988), Pure (1991), and Breathe (1996), among a few others leading up to the upcoming new album, Fragile.

Fragile is the new Midge Ure album containing ten tracks. Being released via Hypertension Records on both the US and the UK, Fragile is slated for different dates in both markets. Fragile will be released in the UK on July 7, and issued in the US on August 19.

The samples found on the US Amazon page reveal a classic sound of Midge Ure.

By MARowe

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