TheBlackAngelsIndigoMeadowIn the latter part of the ’60s, psychedelia was at its height.  And I enjoyed every bit of it.  Now, I was a little young to join in on the LSD part of the psychedelic ’60s (I was ten at 1967), but that didn’t stop me from immersing in the music of the day.  To this day, I can still hear the music of that magical timespace.

Jefferson Airplane, Hot Tuna, 13th Floor Elevators, The Byrds, The Yardbirds, Strawberry Alarm Clock, that awesome Buddah label design, I was a fan.

And I still am.

Fortunately, with bands like The Flaming Lips, Black Mountain, and the unsung greatness of The Black Angels, the music of psychedelia is still fresh, and still plays loud in my place (and I’m now in an apartment – yikes!)  I still am in drug avoidance, but who needs that to enjoy what was, is, and always have been, a fine genre to enjoy.

TheBlackAngelsPressShotOn April 2, The Black Angels from Austin, Texas, return with their fourth studio album, Indigo Meadow.  It follows their 2010 album, Phosphene Dream, and I for one, am excited for it to play in full.  Of course, this means that I have to pull out their previous three to enjoy while time leads me to the front steps of April 2 (my 56th birthday, no less).

Happily, The Black Angels have provided us with a free listen to the lead-off track from Indigo Meadow, “Don’t Play With Guns”, a socially conscious tune of concern.

If you’re like me, and you enjoy some of your music with psychedelic undercurrents (like the recently mentioned psychedelic Folk of Smoke Fairies), then you will appreciate the upcoming Indigo Meadow from The Black Angels.

The Black Angels will embark on a 34-date tour to support the album.  The tour will not only take them across the expanse of the US, it will also lead them into Canada for several nights.

By MARowe

2 thoughts on “Here Comes The Black Angels With Their New Album, Indigo Meadow”
  1. I got their last one (Phosphene Dream) and liked it. Count me in for this one. Maybe I will pick up their earlier ones in the meantime.

    And I’d say Black Mountain is due to put out something new.

    FYI – Regarding the info on the RW Amused to Death sacd that I sent you info on last week.. more news today on…
    A week ago, on Monday, 14 January, we brought you the news that Analogue Productions, who were responsible for the superb SACD of Pink Floyd’s Wish You Were Here, will be issuing a double LP and SACD of Roger Waters’ 1992 epic Amused to Death, first released on vinyl in 1992 in a very limited double LP edition.

    Analogue Productions have sent out a mailer about it, but have also been in touch with us. They told us that “it will be done in the highest quality possible with a team of Doug Sax and James Guthrie and using the original analog master tapes with vinyl pressed at Quality Record Pressings”. One of the things uppermost in most minds is when we might see the releases. “We do not have an exact release date. At this point, six to 12 months from now is a good guess, though we’re hoping it will be closer to six months”. For the time being, they have gone for a provisional release date of 15 October, 2013.

    The mailer notes that the double LP will be on 200-gram vinyl, and that the SACD will be a stereo hybrid (so, will play on non-SACD capable standard CD players). The Q Sound virtual surround sound will be preserved in its 3D glory for these new editions of what we consider one of Roger’s best works. As soon as we have more information on this eagerly anticipated release we will let you know

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