Few bands have the evolutionary power of Tangerine Dream. From their original incarnation, on to their first album lineup with Edgar Froese, Klaus Schulze, and Conrad Schnitzler back in 1970, their peak Virgin Years-era lineup with Peter Baumann, Edgar Froese, and Christopher Franke (the Virgin Years), and on to their current lineup that features Froese protege, Thorsten Quaeschning, Hoshiko Yamane, and latest add, Paul Frick, Tangerine Dream has remained a creative force. They have recently released an album, Raum, to critical success, in 2022. but Tangerine Dream, as always, are at a high point on the stage.

On November 30, Tangerine Dream will release an expansive 8CD Boxed set to be named The Sessions Box Set: United Kingdom & Ireland 2022. It will feature 16 live shows from various UK and Ireland venues. The set will clock in at over 8 hours of Tangerine Dream stage magic from shows performed throughout March of 2022. The shows invited Marillion musician, Steve Rothery for three of the shows in this box. The set will pack in a 20-page booklet with photos and notes surrounding the 2022 shows encased on the discs. Another add in are ten photo cards featuring the band. A raffle ticket is placed into each box that will provide a number and a chance to win future tickets to shows, a meet and greet session, tees, book, an exclusive boxed set, memorabilia, and more to be announced in Mid-December.

The Sessions Box Set will release on CD, and DD. This Limited Set can be ordered here.

The Sessions Box Set: United Kingdom & Ireland 2022Tangerine Dream

CD1 (Brighton & Leeds)
01 Chalk Session 22
02 Brudenell Social Club Session 22

CD2 (Southampton & Manchester)
01 Engine Room Session 22
02 RNCM Theatre Session 22

CD3 (Exeter & Glasgow)
01 Phoenix Session 22
02 St. Luke’s Session 22

CD4 (Liverpool & Birmingham)
01 Grand Central Session 22
02 Town Hall Session 22

CD5 (Newcastle & Coventry)
01 Riverside Session 22
02 Coventry Cathedral Session 22

CD6 (London & Edinburgh)
01 Roundhouse Session 22
02 Assembly Hall Session 22

CD7 (Cambridge & Dublin)
01 Corn Exchange Session 22)
02 Liberty Hall Session 22

CD8 (Bristol & Belfast)
01 Trinity Centre Session 22
02 Limelight Session 22

By MARowe