Sometimes, a thing slips right past your radar (that you try to keep razor-focused daily). Such is the case for the upcoming (as in tomorrow) SACD release of the 1971 Santana classic, Santana III. For those still interesting in SACDs, this announcement is a nice one especially if you’re a Santana fan.

Santana III yielded “Everybody’s Everything”, and “No One To Depend On”. In the charting realm, it achieved a #1 status and in the market place sold well over 2,000,000 copies. For Journey fans, Neal Schon and Gregg Rolie both played on this album. Santana would acquire a taste for more artiness with his next album, Caravanserai that disenfranchised the fringe singles fans but further embedded the music that Santana was capable of into deep fans.

On November 24, the Santana III SACD will be released in Japan that will feature Stereo and a 4-channel Quad mix on the SACD disc. You can order via this link. Don’t wait too long as this is a limited edition SACD.

Santana IIISantana
01 Batuka
02 No One to Depend On
03 Taboo
04 Toussaint L’Overture
05 Everybody’s Everything
06 Guajira
07 Jungle Strut
08 Everything’s Coming Our Way
09 Para los Rumberos

By MARowe

2 thoughts on “Santana III To Be Released On SACD”
  1. Received my copy. It sounds fantastic. I have the MOFI SACD but this sounds much better. Not to take away from MOFI, but this is mastered from a different, Quad mix. This is part of a series from Sony Japan. It also includes Quad mixes of Santana (1969), released in 2019, Abraxas (1970), released in 2020, Jeff Beck’s studio output from 1971-1976, Miles Davis’ Bitches Brew and Herbie Hancock’s Headhunters. In the case of Santana, you can see that the SACD releases coincide with their 50th anniversaries. I believe the last Santana album to be mixed in Quad, CaravanSerai, will be released in 2022, its 50th anniversary. Here’s hopin’.

    1. I love Caravanserai. I’m hoping that it does issue as an SACD. (I also hope that Sony finally issues the Aerosmith Rocks SACD, and the Byrds 5D SACD, both of which are already done.)

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