For fans of Mott the Hoople and the SACD format, you’ve got some great news today (thanks, Steve Talia)! Mott was one of those bands that enjoyed a healthy collection of fans, but never enough. At one time, it took David Bowie to jump in and offer “All The Young Dudes” or the band was calling it quits. And that was BEFORE their fifth album, the 1972 classic All The Young Dudes, a Columbia Records debut that spun off the title track as a big hit.

After that album, they returned with just two more studio sets (and a great live set) before actually turning in the badges. But what great albums those were, too. Mott (1973), and The Hoople (1974) [without original guitarist Mick Ralphs, who went on to form Bad Company] were the finishing touches.


The 2SACD set features Mott, The Hoople, and All The Young Dudes. These are newly remastered for this release. It is important to recognize that the final Mott the Hoople album, The Hoople is being presented in Quadrophonic (4-channel), and Stereo, while the other two are presented in Stereo only.  The 2SACD set is Hybrid with a CD layer that is also playable on regular CD players.

There is not any release date but orders are being taken. That makes me assume this 2SACD of three titles are currently available. You can go here to order (or pre-order).

For fans of other ’70s bands and possible SACDs, these are also available via Dutton-Vocalion UK:

  • Argent – In Deep/Nexus/Ring of Hands
  • Burton Cummings – Burton Cummings/My Own Way To Rock/Dream of A Child
  • Helen Reddy – I Am Woman/Long, Hard Climb
  • Rick Derringer – All American Boy/Spring Fever
  • Tomita – Ravel: Daphnis et Chloé
  • Tomita – Firebird
  • Bachman-Turner Overdrive (BTO) – Bachman-Turner Overdrive/Bachman-Turner Overdrive II
  • and more (start here).

The Hoople/All The Young Dudes/Mott (Hybrid 2SACD) – Mott The Hoople

The Hoople (Stereo and Quadrophonic Hybrid SACD)
01: The Golden Age of Rock and Roll
02: Marionette
03: Alice
04: Crash Street Kidds
05: Born Late ’58
06: Trudi’s Song
07: Pearl ‘n Roy (England) 
08: Through The Looking Glass
09: Roll Away The Stone
All The Young Dudes (Stereo Hybrid SACD)
10: Sweet Jane
11: Momma’s Little Jewel
12: All The Young Dudes
13: Sucker
14: Jerkin’ Crocus

All The Young Dudes [continued] (Stereo Hybrid SACD)
01: One Of The Boys
02: Soft Ground
03: Ready For Love/After Lights
04: Sea Diver
Mott (Stereo Hybrid SACD)
05: All The Way From Memphis
06: Whizz Kids
07: Hymn For The Dudes
08: Honaloochie Boogie
09: Violence
10: Drivin’ Sister
11: Ballas Of Mott The Hoople (March 26, 1972 – Zurich)
12: I’m A Cadillac/El Camino Dolo Roso 
13: I Wish I Was Your Mother


By MARowe

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  1. I have bought SACDs from Dutton Vocalion. They include the first 4 albums by The Guess Who and a classical CD, The Four Suns by Carlos Chavez. Each of The Guess Who discs contain 2 albums each and run several minutes beyond normal CD times. The sound quality is very good. I suspect the first Guess Who album was probably recorded in mono then remixed for stereo. If so, it’s not a bad mix but mono would be preferable if this is the native format. D-V has an extensive catalog that includes some real gems.

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