In the ongoing restoration project for the Howard Jones‘ catalog, Cherry Red UK has announced their next offering, the 1992 In The Running album. In The Running was Howard Jones‘ fifth album, and his last for Warner Bros Music on the Elektra label. Jones’ music has begun to change due to musical taste moving away from his adopted style of the ’80s electronica/pop. In fact, this album, recognizing the changes, delivered less electronics than his previous efforts had.

On April 30, Cherry Red UK will deliver the Howard Jones title of In The Running in both a celebratory 3CD/DVD Deluxe Edition, and a 140g-weight translucent clear vinyl LP edition for collectors.

The 3CD/DVD Deluxe will provide a collection of previously unreleased studio versions, edits, instrumentals, and live performance tracks as well as a handful of remixes, and the album being newly remastered for this release. The included DVD will contain a new interview, TV appearances, promo videos, and a track by track commentary of the album.

The digipak set will add a 16-page booklet with new notes, and a written track-by-track commentary of the album.

The translucent clear vinyl LP is a limited edition pressing of the remastered album. It will provide an inner sleeve with new liner notes, and the aforementioned track-by-track commentary. On the vinyl will be the original album as well as three additional single tracks (“Two Souls”, “Tears To Tell”, and the Top 40 hit, “Lift Me Up”.)

In The Running (3CD/DVD Expanded Deluxe Edition) – Howard Jones

CD1 (Original Album/Bonus Tracks – Remastered)
01 Lift Me Up
02 Fallin’ Away
03 Show Me
04 The Voices Are Back
05 Exodus
06 Tears To Tell
07 Two Souls
08 Gun Turned On The World
09 One Last Try
10 City Song
Bonus Tracks
11 I.G.Y. (What A Beautiful World) [Single Mix]
12 New Man
13 Talkin’ The Time
14 You Say
15 One Last Try [Previously Unreleased Edit]

CD2 (Previously Unreleased Instrumental/TV Mixes)
01 Lift Me Up
02 Fallin’ Away
03 Show Me
04 The Voices Are Back
05 Exodus
06 Tears To Tell
07 Two Souls
08 Gun Turned On The World
09 One Last Try (Extended Version)
10 City Song
11 I.G.Y. (What A Beautiful World)
12 Road To Cairo (TV Mix)
13 Other People Are Us (TV Mix)
14 What Is Love? (’93 Remix)

CD3 (Remixes/Edits/Extended/Live – Previously Unreleased)
01 What Is Love? (1993 12″ Remix – Part 1)
02 What Is Love? (1993 12″ Remix – Part 2)
03 Tears To Tell (7″ Single Edit)
04 Don’t Be A Part Of It
05 Road To Cairo (Andy Scarth Mix – Remastered)
06 I.G.Y. (What A Beautiful World) [DJ Edit – Remastered]
07 Other People Are Us
08 What Is Love? (’93 Remix)
09 Two Souls (Early Extended Mix)
10 Don’t Be A Part Of It (Moo Mix – Remastered)
11 I.G.Y. (What A Beautiful World) [Live at The Spectrum Theatre – Philadelphia, PA – 1987 – Remastered]
12 Road To Cairo (Remastered)
13 Tears To Tell (Early Mix)
14 One Last Try (Extended Mix)
15 Don’t Be A Part Of It (Dance Mix – AKA Dub Mix – Remastered)

DVD (NTSC – Region-free)
01 Howard Jones Interview – October 2020
02 Creating “In The Running”
03 Track By Track Commentary of In The Running
04 I.G.Y. (What A Beautiful World) [Pebble Mill – May 18, 1993]
05 What Is Love? (Pebble Mill – May 18, 1993)
Promo Videos
06 Tears To Tell
07 Lift Me Up
08 I.G.Y. (What A Beautiful World)
09 Tears To Tell (Blue Tint Version)

By MARowe

2 thoughts on “Howard Jones’ In The Running Celebrates With 3CD/DVD, and Color Vinyl LP”
  1. Awesome! I was really hoping they would give this album the same treatment as the previous ones, but I feared they might not. Thanks for this bit of great news!

  2. This is going to be a bittersweet release… for me, at least. This album was Howard’s last sort of hit on American radio and charts. It’s a shame that the shifting trends in music, and the changing audience, didn’t continue to celebrate his talent. At least there are fans like me out there who never gave up! Can’t wait to listen to and watch all the extra content. HoJo rules!

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