The ’70s radio circuit were lit by the release of “Radar Love” back in 1974. It was followed by “Candy’s Going Bad”. The album that both hits appeared on is known as Moontan, which was released in 1973. However, Golden Earring already had a history of music and album releases far before this album and its hits propelled the band with extra rocket fuel. In fact, the Dutch band released its first album – Just Ear-rings back in 1965. The band released seven more albums before Moontan, and released sixteen more AFTER Moontan. Most of the band remains intact from the original lineup.

On October 9, Moontan gets a better look with the reissue of the classic album. It will feature new remastering at 192kHz/24-bit  from the original master tapes (re-discovered in 2020), and will add in extra tracks that include single edits and 9 working studio tracks. These will be spread out over 2CDs.

This new Red Bullet 2CD edition of Moontan will contain the original UK tracklist of 6 tracks (The US version only released with 5 tracks). In addition, the set will get a 32-page booklet with photos, memorabilia, and notes. The new remastered Moontan was prepared by Wouter Bessels (who does excellent archival work like Tangerine Dream box sets, and Focus box set). I’m trying to inch him toward a Tomita box.

Other Golden Earring reissues are on the white board for future reissue packages. A 2LP Golden Earring vinyl set is planned for 2022.

Moontan (2021 Remaster) – Golden Earring

01 Candy’s Going Bad
02 Are You Receiving Me
03 Suzy Lunacy (mental Rock)
04 Radar Love
05 Just Like Vince Taylor
06 Vanilla Queen
Bonus Tracks (Singles and Outtakes)
07 Big Tree, Blue Sea (1973 Version)
08 Candy’s Going Bad (single Version)
09 Radar Love (single Version)
10 The Song Is Over
11 Instant Poetry
12 From Heaven, From Hell (1974 Version)

CD2 (The Moontan Sessions – Previously Unreleased)
01 Vanilla Queen (early Version)
02 Radar Love (basic Track)
03 The Song Is Over (basic Track)
04 Are You Receiving Me (basic Track)
05 Candy’s Going Bad (rough Mix)
06 Vanilla Queen Part 1 (rough Mix)
07 Just Like Vince Taylor (alternate Mix)
08 Big Tree, Blue Sea Part 1 (rough Mix)
09 Radar Love (instrumental Mono Mix)

By MARowe