In 1980, Orchestral Manoeuvres in the Dark (better known as OMD) released their debut album. It contained their hit “Electricity” and gave the UK music fans a reason to get excited with New Wave. OMD was a curious hybrid of synth, dance, Pop, and Rock music that endeared them to a wider spread of fans than they might have otherwise. Whether that was their intention or not, it did work. Not only were dance and synth fans pleased, so were others. Over the time of their peak they delivered eight albums, 3 on Dindisc, and 5 on Virgin Records.

On October 15, OMD will reissue three singles from their popular third album, the intriguingly titled Architecture & Morality (1981). Worldwide, this title sold over four million copies and produced three influential and loved singles in “Souvenir”, “Joan of Arc”. and “Maid of Orleans (The Waltz of Joan of Arc)”. The collection will be called Architecture & Morality – The Singles (40th Anniversary).

What Architecture & Morality – The Singles will do is to present the three original singles and surrounding them with previously unheard demos, live tracks, rough mixes, and B-sides associated with them. Currently, the demo version of “Joan of Arc” is in release ahead of this celebratory 40th Anniversary collection (hear below). You will find the demo of “Maid of Orleans” interesting as it showcases the original song in its infancy. 

Architecture & Morality – The Singles (40th Anniversary will be released on CD, DD, and on 3LP color vinyl that separates the three singles and their respective approaches into individual vinyl discs packed into a single box. The LP triple gatefold box will contain 45RPM pressings in separate colors and will produce only 3000 copies. A combined CD and 3LP bundle is available.

Architecture & Morality – The Singles (40th Anniversary) – Orchestral Manoeevres In The Dark (OMD)

01 Souvenir
02 Motion & Heart (Amazon Version)
03 Sacred Heart
04 Souvenir (Demo)
05 Choir Song (Rough Mix)
06 Motion & Heart (Live at Drury Lane, 1981)
07 Joan Of Arc
08 The Romance Of The Telescope (Unfinished)
09 Joan Of Arc (Live at Drury Lane, 1981)
10 Joan Of Arc (Rough Mix)
11 New Song (Georgia Demo)
12 She’s Leaving (Demo)
13 Maid of Orleans (The Waltz Joan of Arc)
14 Navigation
15 Sealand (Demo)
16 Submarines
17 Maid of Orleans (Demo)
18 Joan Of Arc (Maid of Orleans) (Live at Drury Lane, 1981)

Single 1: Souvenir
A1. Souvenir
A2. Motion & Heart (Amazon Version)
A3. Sacred Heart
B1. Souvenir (Demo)
B2. Choir Song (Rough Mix)
B3. Motion & Heart (Live at Drury Lane, 1981)

Single 2: Joan Of Arc
A1. Joan Of Arc
A2. The Romance Of The Telescope (Unfinished)
A3. Joan Of Arc (Live at Drury Lane, 1981)
B1. Joan Of Arc (Rough Mix)
B2. New Song (Georgia Demo)
B3. She’s Leaving (Demo)

Single 3: Maid Of Orleans
A1. Maid of Orleans (The Waltz Joan of Arc)
A2. Navigation
A3. Sealand (Demo)
B1. Submarines
B2. Maid of Orleans (Demo)
B3. Joan Of Arc (Maid of Orleans) (Live at Drury Lane, 1981)


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