Fleetwood Mac traveled a long dusty and varied road before teaming up with the duo of Lindsey Buckingham and Stevie Nicks. From there, well…a lot of new history was made with multi-platinum albums and a redefining of who the band seemingly was. For many of the fans that latched on in the Buckingham/Nicks years, some are not aware that the band had a strong history before the 1975 classic. I’m not alone in saying that much of the earlier Fleetwood Mac albums – nine spectacular sets – were classics unaware by the influx of new fans.

On September 4, Rhino promises to update Fleetwood Mac fans with an 8CD Box named simply 1969-1974. It looks back on some unforgettable gems in the FM library, all prior to the 1975 “White” album that launched them to deserved superstardom.

The albums being remembered and included in this box are Then Play On (1969), Kiln House (1970), Future Games (1971), Bare Trees (1972), Penguin (1973), Mystery To Me (1973), Heroes Are Hard To Find (1974), and a live set of Live From the Record Plant (Sausalito), December 15, 1974. Then Play On contains the 2013 remaster. There are bonus tracks scattered.

A 4LP and 7″ vinyl Box is also expected that covers 1973 to 1974 with Penguin, Mystery To Me, Heroes Are Hard To Find, and Live From The Record Plant.

1969 to 1974Fleetwood Mac

CD1 (Then Play On – 2013 Remaster)
01 Coming Your Way
02 Closing My Eyes
03 Fighting for Madge
04 When You Say
05 Show-Biz Blues
06 Underway
07 One Sunny Day
08 Although the Sun Is Shining
09 Rattlesnake Shake
10 Without You
11 Searching for Madge
12 My Dream
13 Like Crying
14 Before the Beginning
15 Oh Well (Pt. 1)
16 Oh Well (Pt. 2)
17 The Green Manalishi (With the Two Prong Crown)
18 World in Harmony

CD2 (Kiln House)
01 This Is The Rock
02 Station Man
03 Blood on the Floor
04 Hi Ho Silver
05 Jewel Eyed Judy
06 Buddy’s Song
07 Earl Gray
08 One Together
09 Tell Me All the Things You Do
10 Mission Bell
11 Dragonfly
12 Purple Dancer
13 Jewel Eyed Judy (Single Version)
14 Station Man (Single Version)

CD3 (Future Games)
01 Woman of 1000 Years
02 Morning Rain
03 What a Shame
04 Future Games
05 Sands of Time
06 Sometimes
07 Lay It All Down
08 Show Me a Smile
09 Sands of Time (Single Version)
10 Sometimes (Alternate Version)
11 Lay It All Down (Alternate Version)
12 Stone
13 Show Me a Smile (Alternate Version)
14 What a Shame (Full Version)

CD4 (Bare Trees)
01 Child of Mine
02 The Ghost
03 Homeward Bound
04 Sunny Side of Heaven
05 Bare Trees
06 Sentimental Lady
07 Danny’s Chant
08 Spare Me a Little of Your Love
09 Dust
10 Thoughts on a Grey Day
11 Trinity (Mono Version)
12 Sentimental Lady (Single Version)
13 Homeward Bound (Live)

CD5 (Penguin)
01 Remember Me
02 Bright Fire
03 Dissatisfied
04 (I’m A) Road Runner
05 The Derelict
06 Revelation
07 Did You Ever Love Me
08 Night Watch
09 Caught in the Rain

CD6 (Mystery To Me)
01 Emerald Eyes
02 Believe Me
03 Just Crazy Love
04 Hypnotized
05 Forever
06 Keep on Going
07 The City
08 Miles Away
09 Somebody
10 The Way I Feel
11 For Your Love
12 Why
13 For Your Love (Mono Promo Edit)
14 Good Things (Come to Those Who Wait)

CD7 (Heroes Are Hard To Find)
01 Heroes Are Hard to Find
02 Coming Home
03 Angel
04 Bermuda Triangle
05 Come a Little Bit Closer
06 She’s Changing Me
07 Bad Loser
08 Silver Heels
09 Prove Your Love
10 Born Enchanter
11 Safe Harbour
12 Heroes Are Hard to Find (Single) [2018 Remaster]

CD8 (Live At The Record Plant, Sausalito CA – December 15, 1974)
01 The Green Manalishi (With the Two Prong Crown)
02 Angel
03 Spare Me a Little of Your Love
04 Sentimental Lady
05 Future Games
06 Bermuda Triangle
07 Why
08 Believe Me
09 Black Magic Woman / Oh Well
10 Rattlesnake Shake
11 Hypnotized

By MARowe