With a large-scale deviation from previous years for reissued Deluxe sets from bands, we’re lucky to get the stuff we do get. I’m pleased to find that the 1987 album from The Replacements, Pleased To Meet Me, has bucked the Covid trend of “waiting until a further undisclosed date” for the Deluxe reissue. The Minneapolis band started in 1979 and released their first album in 1981. Pleased To Meet Me is the fifth album, their second with Sire Records. Its success and chart position led the way for stronger support with their final two studio sets before turmoil collapsed the band.

On October 9, Rhino will release a 3CD/1LP Deluxe package of Pleased To Meet Me that will provide a 2020 remaster for the original album, a collection of demo tracks on a CD, and a collection of rough mixes, outtakes, alternates tracks, and a few unreleased Westerberg songs, all on the 3rd CD, and a 180g-weight vinyl LP with a handful of rough mixes for the vinyl enthusiast.

Additionally, the package will provide a worthy book filled with photos, notes, credits, and the like. The Pleased To Meet Me Box is presented in a 12 x 12 book box.

The original album was reissued on a blue color vinyl set earlier this year. I suspect that a single CD version will follow soon enough. Rhino has exclusive bundles on their website that includes cassettes, tees, placemats, stickers, etc.

Pleased To Meet Me (2020 Remaster) – The Replacements

CD1 (Original Album 2020 Remaster with bonus tracks)
01 I.O.U.
02 Alex Chilton
03 I Don’t Know
04 Nightclub Jitters
05 The Ledge
06 Never Mind
07 Valentine
08 Shooting Dirty Pool
09 Red Red Wine
10 Skyway
Bonus Tracks
11 Can’t Hardly Wait
12 Election Day
13 Jungle Rock
14 Route 66
15 Tossin’ n’ Turnin’
16 Cool Water
17 Can’t Hardly Wait  (Iovine Remix)

CD2 (The 1986 Blackberry Way Demos)
01 Bundle Up
02 Birthday Gal
03 I.O.U.
04 Red Red Wine
05 Photo
06 Time Is Killing Us
07 Valentine
08 Awake Tonight
09 Hey Shadow
10 I Don’t Know
11 Kick It In
12 Shooting Dirty Pool
13 Kick It In
14 All He Wants To Do Is Fish
15 Even If It’s Cheap

CD3 (Rough Mixes, Outtakes, Alternate Tracks]
Rough Mixes
01 Valentine
02 Never Mind
03 Birthday Gal
04 Alex Chilton
05 Election Day
06 Kick It In
07 Red Red Wine
08 The Ledge
09 I.O.U.
10 Can’t Hardly Wait
11 Nightclub Jitters
12 Skyway
13 Cool Water
14 Birthday Gal
15 Learn How To Fail
16 Run For The Country
17 All He Wants To Do Is Fish
18 I Can Help (Outtake)
19 Lift Your Skirt
20 ‘Til We’re Nude
21 Beer For Breakfast
22 Trouble On The Way
23 I Don’t Know (Outtake)

LP (Rough Mixes)
Side A
01 Valentine
02 Never Mind
03 Birthday Gal
04 Alex Chilton
05 Election Day
06 Kick It In
Side B
01 Red Red Wine
02 The Ledge
03 I.O.U.
04 Can’t Hardly Wait
05 Nightclub Jitters
06 Skyway
07 Cool Water

By MARowe