The Stray Cats super-popularized Rockabilly and took it to a mass of people listening for something a little different from the norm. The trio created a catalog of eleven albums that started with their 1981 self-titled Arista debut. They did well and left a lasting legacy that interests audiences today.

On September 11, BMG will provide a 22-track Live album called Rocked This Town: From LA to London. The live performance tracks are pulled from different venues. Rocked This Town: From LA to London will be offered on CD, DD, and vinyl LP.

Rocked This Town: From LA to LondonStray Cats
01 Cat Fight (Over A Dog Like Me)
02 Runaway Boys
03 Too Hip, Gotta Go
04 Double Talkin’ Baby
05 Three Time’s A Charm
06 Stray Cat Strut
07 Mean Pickin’ Mama
08 Gene & Eddie
09 Cry Baby
10 I Won’t Stand In Your Way
11 Cannonball Rag
12 Misirlou
13 When Nothing’s Going Right
14 (She’s) Sexy + 17
15 Bring It Back Again
16 My One Desire
17 Blast Off
18 Lust ‘n’ Love
19 Fishnet Stockings
20 Rock This Town
21 Rock It Off
22 Built for Speed

By MARowe