CAN, the ’60s German experimental phenomenon, performed until well into the ’80s. Their last album was Rite Time, completed and issued in 1989. To celebrate their live finesse, Spoon Records along with Mute Records have polished up live recordings and issuing them for fans of the band. To date, there are 4 issues that include Live in Stuttgart 1975, Live in Brighton 1975, Live in Cuxhaven 1976, and Live in Paris 1973. So let’s have more of these gems.

On May 31, Spoon and Mute will continue the CAN Live series with Live in Aston 1977. The album will feature four extended live tracks of the original session.

Live In Aston 1977 will be released on CD, DD, and 2LP pressed onto standard black vinyl.

Live In Aston 1977CAN
01 Aston 77 Eins
02 Aston 77 Zwei
03 Aston 77 Drei
04 Aston 77 Vier

By MARowe