In 1973, The Hollywood Stars formed with the assistance of Kim Fowley. With Fowley’s interest in bands under his management – bands like The Runaways, and The Quick – it was only natural to develop another. Unfortunately, along with The Quick, The Hollywood Stars were unable to capture the frenzied attention spans of hungry scene-dwellers like LA had going strongly at the time. Had The Hollywood Stars moved past LA, it is conceivable that they’d be mentioned often in the sweetened breaths of Rock history.

They were not alone. So many other bands never got deserved attention. But all of this history doesn’t mean that The Hollywood Stars were nothing more than a HS gym band. They are worth the remembering. They’ve had a label debut issued with Arista Records in 1977 as well as a previously unreleased Columbia Records album issued as well as others.

On October 31, Burger Records will release a live set performed by the reformed version of The Hollywood Stars. It was performed at The Whisky A Go Go on July 18, 2019. The set featured 12 songs. The album will be called Live On The Sunset Strip.

Live On The Sunset Strip will be released on CD and DD. 

In remembrance of a golden era long passed.

Live on the Sunset StripThe Hollywood Stars

01 King of the Night Time World
02 Escape 
03 Sunrise on Sunset
04 All the Kids on the Street 
05 Supermen Are Always Gentlemen 
06 Modern Romance 
07 Tough Guys Never Cry 
08 Shine Like a Radio 
09 Too Hot to Handle 
10 I Can’t Help It 
11 Make It to the Party
12 Habits 

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