In the ’80s, Andreas Vollenweider made the harp as cool an instrument as it could possibly become in an era of New Wave and Heavy Metal Pop. But make it cool, he did. His first four albums were ultimately a lead-up to his spectacular break-out classic, Down To The Moon (1986). Down To The Moon won a Grammy for Best New Age Album in 1987. Vollenweider followed it up with another instrumental classic, Dancing With The Lion in 1989. Over all, Andreas Vollenweider released 14 sets. His last was AIR, issued in 2009.

On May 22, Andreas Vollenweider will release his newest album, Quiet Places. This is his first album in about 11 years. Quiet Places will contain ten tracks. Quiet Places will be released on CD, in DD, and on vinyl LP.

Quiet Places – Andreas Vollenweider

01 Pygmalion
02 Polyhymina
03 The Pyramidians
04 Entangled
05 Come to the Quiet Place
06 Venus in the Mirror
07 Bella Smiling
08 Wanderung
09 Sculpture
10 Fields of Blue

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